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Steve Little is new to the voice acting world. He is part of the Groudlings, which is a comic group that perform sketches and various other comedic scenes. Anyway, he has suceeded in guest starring in the comic show Reno 911! Now, he stars in his first time…more


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  • Wow, he only did two shows!!!

    Steve little has a good voice. The only show I like him playing is Camp lazlo because I dont know what is Rebo 911. I love camp lazlo and I love Chip and Skip, the ones that he played. His voice matches the dung beetles. I wish Steve little did more shows so I can see if he had different types of voices. At least Steve little did a cool show and thats Camp lazlo. I dont really know what else to say about him but he is good but I would like him more if he did more shows. I dont blame him cause all the new shows are terrible. What ever Steve little is doing right now, I wish him the best of luck.moreless