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    • London's last credited TV appearance was in an episode of Mission: Impossible entitled Submarine.

    • London is a member of the Pasadena Bar Association under his real name Walter Gragg.

    • One of London's best remembered scenes from The Untouchables was when he and co-star Abel Fernandez blasted a hood out of a water tower in the episode entitled The Big Train.

    • London's wife's name is Judith. They reside in Pasadena.

    • London's character on The Untouchables, Jack Rossman, frequently carried a shotgun during raids on underworld establishments.

    • London once guest starred on an episode of Daniel Boone entitled The Lost Colony.

    • London's Untouchables character of Jack Rossman was based on a real life Federal agent named Paul Robsky.

    • London appeared on an episode of The Lucy Show entitled Lucy, the Gun Moll with Untouchables co-stars Robert Stack and Bruce Gordon and show narrator Walter Winchell. The episode was a spoof of The Untouchables which had been produced at star Lucille Ball's Desilu Studios.

    • Steve London is best remembered for appearing in The Untouchables (1959-63) TV series as Agent Jack Rossman-- former telephone lineman, wiretap expert, and a locksmith so talented that "Rossman could open everything but the Pearly Gates."

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