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    Steve Martin is one of my favorite actors. He is an impressively intelligent man yet is famous for stupid slapstick. Someone once said, Steve Martin does stupid humor for smart people, and I think that's right.

    The Jerk is simply an all-time classic. Roxanne is also fantastic. And Bowfinger is ultra-clever.

    In recent years he's done some formulaic family comedies, but he's done them well.

    One of the best American comedians of all-time.
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    Steve Martin is one of the top comedic actors of our lifetime. While I'm actually not a big fan of his, I do appreciate just how many great films he's done and how funny he is. His brand of comedy is a little off-beat, which may be why I'm not a big fan. I love watching old episodes of "Saturday Night Live" with him in it.
  • He makes the craziest faces!

    I think Steve Martin is an awesome actor especially for someone of his age. I mean the man is 67 people! 67! What more could ya want from a 67 year old? Anways he really plays parts well like in Pink Panther did you really know it was him? Accourse you didn't because he played Inspector Clouseau so well! I mean that man can seriously act! Also in Father of the Bride he played that role perfectly on how a father in his position would act. I think i started like ing him as an actor when i saw him for the first time in Cheaper By the Dozen. My favorite part was when he gets launched off that jump house or whatever,its about to blow up,people are running,he's in the air in slow-motion,the rich kid is right below him(looking around),then he looks up(screams),steve martin is falling right above him(still in slow-motion),then splat! (Next scene)the rich kid says that was the best birthday party ever!
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    Steve Martin is more of a comedy actor, though I must admit that in some of his drama or action roles that have not been very much, he acts really well. He is very funny, though his style is much more in serious depending on his roles, but whenever he is asked to play a funny, kind of stupid character he knows how to do it. He is great!
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    This guy is hilarious... All of his movies are funny, especially his earlier ones. He is also a great host on SNL! Easily one of the funniest comedians!
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    Steve Martin has to be of the funniest actors in the history of movies. He has also been in so many movie which I know and like such as Cheaper By The Dozen 1 & 2, The Pink Panther, The Prince Of Egypt, Parent Hood, Trains, Planes & Automobiles and quite alot more. He is just absoloutely fabulous and I hope is is never forgotten.
  • he\\\'s hysterical!!!!

    omg!!!!!! steve martin is da funniest person ever!!!! hes soooooooooooooo hysterical ! ! !!! i luv the way he acted in cheaper by the dozen 2!! i especially like the part after the credits when he finally hlds nora\\\'s baby and it looks just like him. i thought that waz hysterical. he waz also funny through out the whole film
    he waz also a total comedian through out the remake of the pink panther
    i hope he acts in another good and funny mooovie soon!!! ! ! !
    p. s. they shoudl make a cheaper by the dozen 3!! ithink it would do well
  • Funniest Man Currently Alive!

    Steve Martin is a classical character, never boring. He is one of my top 5 hosts for Saturday Night Live with his wacky antics and crazy characters like Theodore of York or my favorite "Wild and Crazy Guys." He was hillarious in The Jerk, "I am not a bum, I'm a Jerk." He has never done a dull movie or done a dull show because this man is just very funny. I hope he never quits the comedy buisness because no matter how old he is, he will always be that wacky crazy man that we have all come to love.
  • Funny at some points.

    Steve is very funny. And has some great funny movies{to not Cheaper By the Dozen 2} He was so funny on SNL. To this day he still has memorable moments although he has been gone for more then 10 years. He has great movies he has stared in such as Cheaper by the Dozen{1 & 2}The Pink Panther ,Looney Tunes: Back in Action,Father of the Bride,Planes, Trains & Automobiles,Bringing Down the House,Father of the Bride Part II,Parenthood and so on. He is great for different roles. No the same over and over again. Strangley being the dad over and over. He would be great to be on an Tv show. But Steve should keep changing roles because the show wouldn't be funny.
  • Steve Martin is a very talented actor.

    I truly enjoy many of Steve Martin's movies. They include Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. His stunts and acting are very fantastic on both of those movies. I also enjoyed his most recent movie, The Pink Panther. He had a good French accent (I think thats what the accent was, I can't remember). There are also a few other movies with Martin in it that I really enjoy.