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  • Steve McQueen is one of those actors. who gets you in too the movie. he is a very great actor. i loved every single movie he made. great escape and bullit the most. those are really good movie,s

    first time i saw him was in great escape. i was six at the time. and i felt so much power in this guys acting. i wanted too see more. he is such a good actor. so bought more dvd,s and more dvd,s they never bored me. i have a entire dvd collection with almost all his dvd,s at home. and i would recommend every single one of them. this is maybe fun to know if you are a fan of McQueen. his grandson is apperently starring on the vampire diaries as jeremy gilbert. he is a good actor too. seriously guys a seven is way too low for this guy he need atleast a 10 and then i,m talking minimum
  • Is there someone out there who doesn't like Steve McQueen?

    I saw The Great Escape and I was hooked. Instantly in love with the cocky, loner American pilot named Virgil Hilts. Suddenly felt the need to watch every Steve McQueen movie ever made. Not quite there yet, but it is one of my lifetime goals.

    Steve McQueen is a god among men. He is the King of Cool. There is no one out there quite like him, and there hasn't been. He's the charmer who's holding a gun to your head. He robs you blind and makes you laugh at the same time. He's the bounty hunter you can't help but root for. Every time he escapes from that prison camp you pray that this time is different and he is finally able to leap over that barbed wire fence. He dies at the end and you suddenly don't want to see that movie ever again.

    Remaking a Steve McQueen movie is some kind of sacrilege. Alec Baldwin as Doc McCoy? I don't think so.

    I bought season 1 of "Wanted: Dead or Alive" without ever having seen an episode. In fact, I'd never even heard of it. All I needed to know was that Steve McQueen was the star and I was sold. As far as I'm concerned, Steve McQueen can do no wrong.
  • Oh so cool! The first thing I saw him in was Bullitt, need I say more. After that I was hooked, I had to watch everything he ever did! Cool, soft spoken and the epitome of good guy with a bad edge! Very cool.

    This understated actor commanded more with one look than any words. There aren't too many actors nowadays that can do that. It's all over the top yelling acting. Not so with Steve. His brilliance was in the way he played with the other actors, no matter what he said or did, he held your attention. Just watch The Magnificent Seven or The Great Escape or The Sand Pebbles or Bullitt or anything else of his work and you will wonder, How on Earth did this guy not win an Oscar? He is and always will be my alltime favorite. As Josh Randall in the tv series "Wanted: Dead or Alive" he's catch phrase "Let's Go!" always brought a smile to my face.