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  • Steve McQueen is one of those actors. who gets you in too the movie. he is a very great actor. i loved every single movie he made. great escape and bullit the most. those are really good movie,s

    first time i saw him was in great escape. i was six at the time. and i felt so much power in this guys acting. i wanted too see more. he is such a good actor. so bought more dvd,s and more dvd,s they never bored me. i have a entire dvd collection with almost all his dvd,s at home. and i would recommend every single one of them. this is maybe fun to know if you are a fan of McQueen. his grandson is apperently starring on the vampire diaries as jeremy gilbert. he is a good actor too. seriously guys a seven is way too low for this guy he need atleast a 10 and then i,m talking minimum