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  • Steve Nash is the best Canadian basketball player there is!

    Steve Nash is one of the point guards on the Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team. He leads the NBA with assists and also he used to be on the Dallas Mavericks team until Mark Cuban decided to trade Steve Nash to his old team Phoenix Suns. There Nash began his juorney to become the NBA's MVP twice in a row! Nash's career has began to sky rocket after his trade. Nash alo wears the number 13 on his team and is married with twin daughters. Steve likes to give his teammates help if they want it like Leandro Barbosa who is new to the NBA experience. He can do layups, three throw, free throws, and is the team's playmaker. Nash is actually over 90% in free throws this year and is the NBA's best free throw shooters in the playoffs 2006. Steve Nash is a very talented ball player.