Steve Pizzati

Steve Pizzati


4/23/1975, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Steve Pizzati


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    • Steve Pizzati: (Joking about the chemistry between the hosts) Charlie and I hate Warren. It's usually Charlie and I ganging up on Warren. The guy likes the ukulele!

    • Steve Pizzati: (Remarking on conducting performance tests of the cars for Top Gear Australia) You're being paid to throw very expensive cars around and you have fun doing it.

    • Steve Pizzati: (On what car he hates most in the world) Hmmm... Where to start? Anything American. Anything slow (see answer one). Anything that doesn't handle (see answer one). Anything with crap brakes (see answer one). Anything with an exhaust pipe that can house a family of five. Anything with more decals than paint. Lorries. Anything with a crochet blanket on the back seat. Anything that has the turn indicator permanently jammed on.

    • Steve Pizzati: Eat + sleep + incessant travel + seriously cool driving = my life, but I'm currently trying to remove the first three parts of the equation.