Steve Railsback





11/16/1948 , Dallas, TX

Birth Name




Steve Railsback was born on November 16, 1945, in Dallas, TX. He has often been mentioned as having the scariest looking eyes in all of Hollywood. Railsback has made a career out of playing psychologically twisted people and weird characters both on film and on television. He studied at the Actor's Studio in New York under Lee Strasburg, where Elia Kazan noticed his talent and booked him to play in his first film, The Visitors. Railsback continued to play a series of smaller roles until he landed the job that made him a household name, that of Charles Manson in the television miniseries Helter Skelter. Falling on his acting training, Railsback locked himself in a closet for two hours every day to get into the Manson character. This film seems to have been the high point of his career, as he has worked in dozens of lower quality films and direct-to-video productions in the years since then.