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Steve Sandvoss

Steve Sandvoss


6/23/1980, New York, USA

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Stephen Sandvoss


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Steve Sandvoss grew up outside of New York City. He attended Harvard University at the same time as Natalie Portman. While there, he pursued many areas of the arts, including amateur photography, poetry & American prose, and choosing edgier roles in student-written plays including some of the classics…more


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  • I love you Steve!

    I was strucked by this guy by his performance of a mormon elder in Latter days. I think the maker of this film gave the role to the right person. He got the looks of a decent person fit to play the role of a missionary. I also felt that he gave justice to his role in this film. I find him very cute. I even fell in love with this guy. I was surprise to know that he was a cum laude at Harvard University. Well may be that the reason why i feel some sense of sincerity and humility whenever i watch his performance in Latter days. I just hope he could be given more challenging roles in the future.moreless