Steve Thomas





Pomona, California

Birth Name

Stephen Thomas




Steve Thomas Rooney is an Emmy Award-winning television personality most-known for his role as a host at the PBS renovation show called "This Old House". Steve spent 14 years hosting the show that reached nationwide popularity. He came to the show back in 1989 year when replaced Bob Vile and stayed there till 2003 when was succeeded by the new host Kevin O'Connor. For his involvements in the show Steve Thomas Rooney was nominated for Emmy Award on 9 occasions and in 1998 received the 1997–1998 Daytime Emmy Award. During the years he spent as a host, Steve made many appearance on various nation shows where like The Early Show on CBS, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Steve Thomas Rooney was born in Pomona, California, back in 1952. His father worked in a local paint company and during the weekend used to repair old houses. The Rooney family had six children so Steve's father had to find extra income in order to support the growing family. At the time he was buying old houses, repairing them and selling them when completed. This came to be a family tradition as Steve's grandfather was also a carpenter and do-it-yourself guy who worked as an Episcopal missionary in Arctic Alaska.

Rooney completed his education at Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington where graduated in philosophy. During his stay at college, Steve spent his free time working as a carpenter and painting contractor. These were his main incomes for supporting his stay in Olympia. After graduation, Steve Thomas Rooney realised that he doesn't like staying at one place so decided to travel the world. For that reason he bought a sailboat and went on voyage sailing across the Pacific. At the end of his voyage he came to the Micronesian island of Satawal and stayed there so several months. Here he had an opportunity to meet Mau Piailug, one of the last remaining great navigators who used traditional navigational techniques without the use of instruments, based on indigenous astronomical and maritime concepts. During his stay at the island Steve started writing his book The Last Navigator. After a couple of years, a documentary film was also made. The film followed the script from the book and was produced by PBS.

After he satisfied his urge to sail the sea, Rooney came back to the mainland and married Evelyn Blum who previously was crew member of the expedition to Satwal and his companion on the journey. The two of them formed a family and started renovating an 1863 Colonial revival in St. George, Maine. Today he still resides in Maine together with his wife and son Sam. Recently Steve Thomas Rooney renovated a 1000 square foot adobe in Santa Fe. This project become a cover story in the January 2013 issue of Su Casa magazine.

His latest project from the portfolio is a Sea Cove Cottage right in the middle of a charming fishing village in Maine that has been renovated by Steve Thomas Rooney.