Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine


10/26/1966, London, England, UK

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Steve has appeared not only on the small screen, but the large screen and stage as well. He married Shari Valentine on August 2, 1989. The most current information available states that Steve lives in LA with his wife and two cats. Steve enjoys horseback riding, dancing and riding roller coasters.more


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    • Steve Valentine: Out of the myriad of characters I have played 'Nigel' is definitely one of my favorites, arguably the most multifaceted and easily the most fun!

    • (describing his character of Nigel Townsend on "Crossing Jordan")
      Steve Valentine: While he is unorthodox in his approach to his work and the people he works with, there is something amusing and charming about him.

  • If I were to review him 2 years ago, I'd give him a 10!

    Steve Valentine is most well-known for his portrayal of Nigel Townsend on NBC's hit crime solving drama, "Crossing Jordan.hide

    Steve Valentine is an incredible actor!!! He was my favorite character on "Crossing Jordan", hilariously clever on "House", and just talented in all his works. A friend of my mom's has met him, and said that he was a sweet, polite gentleman. One of my favorite actors on TV, and I would love to see him in more shows. In my opinion, he would do an incredible job on "Grey's Anatomy". Another show he would be great in is "The Secret Life of the American Teenager", as a guest star, playing roles like Amy's estranged uncle, or Tom's biological dad. All in all, he is an incredible actor, and I would love to see him in more shows along the way.

  • This guy is awesome!

    I love watching this guy acting. His hilarious and very very funny to me. I love watching Crossing Jordan purely for the joy of wacthing Nigel goof off and help solve the crimes.

    Steve is a good character actor and I have watched him in a few different movies over the years and he is very good. He has played the oddball a few times now. I just love watching this guy act. It does make me wonder however if he is just as much of an oddball in rl life as he is in his acting characters?moreless