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  • I really like Steve as a talk show host on the Jerry Springer show. Steve should get more time on the show as a talk show hosts.

    Thank You TV.COM for looking at my review on Steve Wilkos, this is the first time i ever took the time to write a review on anyone on a tv show. I have been watching the Springer show for a long time and a few years ago when Steve first started getting a chance to host the show i felt he was doing a okay job. However,recently the last month or so i have been watching Steve hosting the show 1 time a week and i feel he has become about 90 percent better than he was before. He seem much more relaxed and keep the show very interesting. I would love to see Steve host more shows and when Jerry retire i would like to see Steve become the main host. Thanks Again bat_man_yo
  • I love your showand watch it just about every day.I hope your show isn't fake like the Jerry Springer show. I KNOW HE PAYS PEOPLE TO BE ON HIS SHOW. todays show explode #3

    I lost my daughter 5 yrs ago 2 car accident.Husband was drunk and lost control of car went sideways in road and was T boned. She was my only daughter and I still grieve for her. My heart went out to the guy after finding out he didnt mean to have the accient. Death of a child is not a joke. I pray to God that U all didn't make this up just for a show. that would just be wrong I will keep on watching your show because I like you putting people in there place
    Sharon Hoover marietta ohio
  • I LOVE YOU STEVE WILKOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the simplest way i can say about steve wilkos is i wish there are more guys like him. i totally love his shows because if i didnt i wouldnt stay up until 1:00am in the morning (central time) to watch steve. he is the best and i just melt in my couch watching him telling them like it is! i think that is so moncho(need a glass of cold water) i love you steve your my #1 fan in my books!!!!!! i dont know how you put up with the people you put up with because if i ever came across a child milister or men beating on women i would tore there head off. i had an abuser too until i knew how to take up for my self and i gave him a good clean punch to his head and i was able to call 911 to have him arrested. and later on i got with an old friend to turn out to be a child milister and first thing i done got some of his stuff threw them out with him and got my gun and told him he got 5 secs. to get off my property. because i would had shot him.its not right for a child to live in horror the rest of that childs life while a child milister dont half no worries. i say fry them to death!!!

    Great person.
  • missing you

    I live in Flint Michigan watch your show everyday and it hasn't been on In September they your new season started but have not seen anything miss watch you. My email address is please write be back if possible. Thank you