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Steven A. Davis


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Steven was working as a stunt man in the film Vertical Limits when he got bitten by the acting bug, and decided to go to drama school. He graduated from New Zealand's UNITEC with a Bachelor of Performing & Screen Arts Degree in 2002. He is a trained…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Steven became a PADI certified scuba diver master in 2010.

    • Steven is trained to perform many types of stunts, including fire burns, stair falls, ratchets, wire harnesses, dead men, air rams, acrobatic ground falls, squibs and med high falls. He also does stunt fighting with various weapons, such as swords-Single/double, fencing foils, broadswords, thin swords, staff/spear, nunchukus - single/double, and chain whip.

    • Steven has done a number of short films, including Hindsight (2002), Pressure Point (2001), Nova (2001), Trolley Boy (2001), Void (2001), Boost (2000), and SPQR (2000).

    • While filming The Fanimatrix, one of nightclub sequences was created by renting the back room of a bar for $100 and posting an ad on the internet for a Goth-themed fancy dress party. Many of the interiors for the chase sequence were gotten by the cast and crew sneaking into various buildings after hours and shooting in the early hours of the morning.

    • Steven's short film Take was a finalist in the Moonlight Short competition. He is trying to get funding to turn the short film into a feature film.

    • Steven made his cult classic short film The Fanimatrix after he and partner Rajneel Singh applied to take part in the "48 Hours Film Festival" and were rejected. They made the film to further hone their skills in making movies.

    • Steven co-wrote, directed, and acted in the short film The Fanimatrix, a fan film based on The Matrix. It was released on the internet in 2003, and has been downloaded more than a million times, which makes it arguably New Zealand's best known short film in history. The film cost $800 to make, and was filmed entirely using a handheld camera.

    • Steven is a trained martial artist in the Wushu style (7 yrs), Capoiera (1 yr), Tae Kwon Do (3 yrs), and Kung Fu (3 yrs). He's also studied stage and film combat as a sword fighter and fencer. In 2003, Steven was the stunt coordinator for a production of MacBeth starring Bruce Hopkins and Kate Parker. He also teaches workshops on stunt work for other actors.

    • Besides being a stunt man for the TV shows Xena, Hercules, Young Hercules, and Cleopatra 2525, Steven also worked as a stunt double for the feature films Laundry Warrior and Vertical Limit.

    • Steven is 6'0" tall, with brown hair and blue eyes.

    • Steven is a professional dancer, trained in the Ballroom, Jazz, Ballet, and Funk styles. In 2006, he was a member of the Latin Fever dance troupe as a Cabaret Dancer dancing with a partner in the Latin style.

    • Steven's theatre credits include:
      (2007) Equus "Nugget/Young Horseman", Peach Theatre, dir. Jesse Peach
      (2007) The Mall Various roles, Musket Room, dir. Thomas Salisbury
      (2005) Equus "Nugget/Young Horseman", Auckland Theatre Company, dir. Colin McColl
      (2005) Death of a Salesman "Happy", UNITEC, dir. Sebastion Telford
      (2003) MacBeth Various roles, Silo Theatre, dir. Margaret Mary Hollins
      (2003) Angels in America "Prior", UNITEC, dir. Jann Sicely
      (2002) The Cherry Orchard "Gayev", UNITEC, dir. Vadim Ledogorov
      (2002) A Is For Apple "Dan", UNITEC, dir. Ilona Rogers
      (2002) Leah "Chorus", NZ Actors Company, dir. Simon Bennett
      (2001) Goverment Inspector "Police Chief", UNITEC, dir. Vadim Ledogorov
      (2001) Candide "Don Fernando", UNITEC, dir. Murray Hutchinson
      (2001) A Winter's Tale "Lord/Mariner", UNITEC, dir. Raymond Hawthorne
      (2000) Sweet Revenge Various roles, UNITEC, dir. Ilona Rogers

      (2006) Latin Fever (Dance Troop) as Dancer/Actor, Caberet and Latin Performances
      (2003) Macbeth, Fight Co-ordinator

    • Steven is represented professionally by the firm Kathryn Rawlings Management.

  • Quotes

    • Steven: (on dating) I only had, like, $30 to spend so I took her to a spot where we had a view of the city and the wharf and had a little picnic with food and even a bottle of wine. I thought the date went really well... but she never called.

    • Steven: My advice on making short films would be to use a small hand-held camera. Larger cameras attract attention, whereas a small handy cam usually doesn't get a second glance. Once someone sees a big camera they instantly think money and try to squeeze it all out of you, and being short filmmakers with no funding, we can't exactly afford to do so.

    • Steven: (on being an actor/director/producer) It's my passion, it's my job and I'm doing it. It's my dream come true really.

    • Steven: (on making short films) If you have a dollar, learn to plan in advance. There is a lot of wasted expenditure through poor planning. Film making is 90% planning; good planning is what makes you able to afford to make good short films. Doing it the budget way sometimes is almost as good as the expensive way.