Steven Cojocaru

Steven Cojocaru


1/5/1965, Montreal, Quebec

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Steven Cojocaru (pronounced co-jo-cah-roo) is a man of many wonders, especially when it comes to the world of fashion. Cojocaru, 36, is the West Coast Style Editor for People magazine and writes a weekly column for the magazine, found in the "Stylewatch" section. In addition to the print…more


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  • Will someone please replace this person?

    This person looks hideous and portraying as a female is not so cool. And the way the hosts of the show goes on and on about him are nothing less than atrocious. Do they really like this 'person' that much or is it the diversity of having a blazing homosexual on their show that perhaps gains the popularity of that side of society? Get a life. The site of this 'person' is every bit as annoying as someone that just sits there when the light turns green!

    Come on Entertainment Tonight/Inside Edition...please replace this guy with a real professional. Please!moreless
  • I wouldn't trust this guy to dress up a chihuahua.

    I wouldn't trust this guy to dress up a chihuahua, let alone hire him for people magazine or as a consultant for the Today show. Seriously people, if this is what the fashion world has come to, I shudder. His outfits? Um, ew! What he wore to the Emmys was despicable, like something out of a bad horror movie.

    And no, I'm not a fashion critic. I am a normal person who actually has some taste in clothing and looks for some artistic appeal, which clearly, isn't going to be found around this guy. So guess what, take a hike and let someone with some aesthetic knowledge dress people up instead.moreless