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  • This is about the Wal-Mart Driver

    Wal-Mart is just as much at fault for not keep track of their driver log that show how many hours a driver can drive, My husband works as a driver and keep's log book's that dictate how long he can drive. By law a driver of a commercial vehicle can only drive a max of 10 hrs per day then they have to rest. This man and Wal-Mart disregarded those rule for what ever reason, they are both should be held responsible for the accident. and it is not just wal-mart it is bus company's they all know the hours there drivers drive but they push the drivers to keep going or lose their jobs and they all work to pay bills it is also drivers need to stand there ground but if they don't do what is asked they lose their job's so whom is at fault company's or driver's my husband is a driver and he say they both at fault so we as consumers and people on the road need to speak up bars are now held accountable for a drunk driver leaving their bar's then the trucking company's and bus company's should be our family's are out there we all need to come together it so bad to see these company's putting the accidents on the drivers when they could prevent allot of it but they want to blame drivers all the time i need to here from all that is concerned please tell me your concern with this email and tell your friend's to respond.
  • Will someone please replace this person?

    This person looks hideous and portraying as a female is not so cool. And the way the hosts of the show goes on and on about him are nothing less than atrocious. Do they really like this 'person' that much or is it the diversity of having a blazing homosexual on their show that perhaps gains the popularity of that side of society? Get a life. The site of this 'person' is every bit as annoying as someone that just sits there when the light turns green!

    Come on Entertainment Tonight/Inside Edition...please replace this guy with a real professional. Please!
  • I wouldn't trust this guy to dress up a chihuahua.

    I wouldn't trust this guy to dress up a chihuahua, let alone hire him for people magazine or as a consultant for the Today show. Seriously people, if this is what the fashion world has come to, I shudder. His outfits? Um, ew! What he wore to the Emmys was despicable, like something out of a bad horror movie.
    And no, I'm not a fashion critic. I am a normal person who actually has some taste in clothing and looks for some artistic appeal, which clearly, isn't going to be found around this guy. So guess what, take a hike and let someone with some aesthetic knowledge dress people up instead.