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Steven Culp


Steven Culp Fan Reviews (1)

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  • Talented actor

    I first saw Steven Culp on "Desperate Housewives" which began in 2004, but had also seen him guest starring in "JAG", as the mysterious CIA agent Clayton Webb, both roles i love.

    Intregued, I later watched "Thirteen Days", where he appears as Robert Kennedy during the 1962 crisis. I thought Steven played a magnificent part, really getting into the charecter. Other appearences i have seen and liked steven in is "Deck The Halls" and "CSI". I must say my favourite role of his is as Rex Van De Kamp, i was rather annoyed at him being killed off the show so soon. The fact that Steven has appeared on so many shows as well as doing theater work is what i believe makes him talented. And i look forward to watching his new show "Traveler".