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    • Steven Culp is in the group of people who have appeared in both of Donald P. Bellisario's JAG and NCIS. He appeared as CIA agent Clayton Webb in 41 episodes of JAG and in the NCIS episode "Chimera"(5-6).

    • His height is 5' 11" (1.80 m).

    • He appeared on TV for the first time in 1983 in One Life To Live.

    • He was a company member and part of the Artistic commitee of the "Interact Theater Company" of North Hollywood. The "Interact Theater Company" is a group of accomplished professional actors, that decided to join together to bring theater lovers, plays and readings at low afordable prices. "Interact" was created by Barry Heins back in 1991. The group started with a group of his friends and it slowly grew from there. In 1992 they became incorporated as a non-profit company. The company has now become, according to "The Los Angeles Times", a 'success story of the 90's" and has won several awards.

    • He performed on Broadway (Circle-In-The-Square) and off-Broadway in the following theaters

    • Playwright's Horizons
    • the Williamstown Theater Festival
    • Actor's Theater of Louisville
    • San Diego's Old Globe Theatre
    • and Los Angeles Ahmanson Theater
    • From works by William Shakespeare to Krakhov, to McNally.

  • He shared the stage with Kevin Kline in "Richard III" at the New York Shakespeare Festival.

  • He has appeared on several plays and has won two Drama-Logue awards for his performances in "Angels in America" at A.C.T. in San Francisco and "Raised in Captivity".

  • He appeared with his wife in Esquire Magazine, in 2005.

  • His favorite director is Robert Altman.

  • When he first went to Los Angeles, he had a job on stage with Peter Falk in "Light Up the Sky." But he went back to New York afterward.

  • He acted on stage in New York and did some work on local soap operas.

  • He majored in English literature and had professors who wanted him to be a writer.

  • During the summer of 1993, he played Brutus in the Virginia Shakespeare Festival's "Julius Caesar."

  • He performed at the Virginia Beach Little Theater.

  • He performed playing the guitar.

  • Even back then as a teenager, his sister Shelly, a teacher, says he was already talented and loved performing: "He loved it.

  • Both father and step-father were in the Navy.

  • When his parents divorced he moved to Virginia Beach where he grew up with his mother, step-father and two sisters and a brother.

  • He is not related to actor Robert Culp, even if they could be mistaken as relatives due to similar physical features.

  • His performances include his role as Peter Drummond in the campy made for TV movie How to Make a Monster in which nerdy computer game programmers accidentally give life to a deadly AI. Members of the software company take turns attempting to beat the game in order save their own lives.

  • He guest starred in "Boy Next Door", an episode of Ally McBeal, that also starred the late Roy Brocksmith, DS9 guest stars Kate Asner and Gina Philips, VOY guest star Jay Karnes and TNG guest star Clyde Kusatsu.

  • He played Rex Van De Kamp, husband of perfectionist Bree Van De Kamp, played by Marcia Cross, on the TV show Desperate Housewives for one season. Once again, his character was killed off at the end of the season.

  • During 2004, He became the first actor to appear as a recurring character in four television series simultaneously; Jag, ER, Enterprise and The West Wing.

  • He played Commander Martin Madden in Star Trek: Nemesis(2002), a character written to replace William Riker as Enterprise (Star Trek: The Next Generation) first officer. But his scenes (along with other scenes) were cut from the final film, so he can only be seen in the Star Trek: Nemesis deleted scenes DVD.

  • He won the Celebrity Poker Showdown 7th Season Championship game.

  • Both of his characters from "Star Trek: Enterprise" and "JAG" were killed off in the same week.

  • He graduated from First Colonial High School in Virginia Beach in 1974.

  • His sister Kathryn Harvey, wife of Bryan Harvey, guitarist and singer of "House of Freaks," was murdered on January 1, 2006 along with her husband and their two daughters.

  • He is married to Barbara Ayers, a costume designer.

  • His children's names are Joe and Katie and they are twins.

  • He received in 1981 an MFA Degree from Brandeis University.

  • He has played Robert Kennedy twice, in Thirteen Days (2000), and in Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996).

  • Quotes

    • Steven (talking about the murder of his sister and his brother-in-law): They (both) seemed to be able to touch everyone around them in a positive way. Their deaths are a huge blow that we're all still reeling from. The only positive thing I can say is that we've all been inspired to follow their example in our lives. They were truly amazing people.

    • Steven Culp: My ambition was to be in a Robert Altman movie because I loved the ambiance that he set up and it seemed to be an actor's paradise to work in those movies. I'd love to work with M. Night Shyamalan. He's the most Hitchcockian of contemporary directors. In that there's and an emotional resonance that goes beyond the material. Shyamalan is the only one who has such a strong emotional pull and seems to be about things that are unnamable and it's not just a tricked up thriller plot. He really hits an emotional place.

    • (about his Rex character from Desperate Housewives)
      Steven Culp: He's like the guy in the Talking Heads song. He's like 'This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife, how did I get here?

    • (Speaking of JAG)
      Steven Culp: I'm not surprised the JAG story was so controversial. Still, I had a terrific time shooting it.

    • (Speaking of the show Desperate Housewives)
      Reporter: What have you learn about women and sex?
      Steven Culp: They love it.

    • Reporter: How did they break it to you?
      Steven Culp: I got a call saying, can you come into the producers office this afternoon? So I pretty much knew.

    • Steven: We'll Im thinking of actually doing a reality show called 'Dead Actor' and they are going to follow me around to various shows.

    • Reporter: Now, I've seen you in other shows and you always seem to get killed during the sweeps period. Now what other show...

      Steven: This has become a May sweeps tradition.

    • Steven: My career always seems to take me back to TV.