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    • Steven Curtis Chapman is a featured singer on Chris Tomlin's album Arriving. He provides the background vocals for Chris' song, Unfailing Love. He, Chris, and the music group Casting Crowns visited 72 cities in 2005 on the All Things New tour.

    • On his 1992 album, The Great Adventure, Steven Curtis Chapman collaborated with christian music group DC Talk on the song Got To B Tru, where at the tail end of the song, the DC Talk folks try to get him to say "Yeah, boyeee" but he says "Yeah, bud."

    • In 2006, Steven and his family will be spending a month in China working in Beijing orphanages. Steven will come back to the States just in time to begin recording his newest studio release.

    • At the 37th Annual GMA Music Awards (2006), Steven was awarded his 50th Dove Award. He holds the record for the most Dove Awards ever clinched by a single artist.

    • In an effort to further evangelize the country of China, Steven released his newest album, Musical Blessing, in March, 2006. The album has two well-known Chinese songs on it, while the rest of the songs are Steven's well known hits.

    • Steven has been nominated for over 100 Dove Awards/Grammys. As of May 2009, Steven has won 56 Dove Awards, more than any other Christian artist. He also has 5 Grammys.

    • Steven appeared on Fox News: Hannity and Colmes on February 17th, 2006.

    • Steven sings on the album Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

    • Steven has 17 albums out, 7 are RIAA Certified Gold, and 2 more are RIAA Certified Platinum.

    • Both Steven and Marybeth were awarded the "Angels of Adoption Award" by a Congressional Committee for adoption in Washington, D.C.

    • Steven starred in the 2003 motion picture Christmas Child, based on a story by Christian author, Max Lucado.

    • Steven and his two sons, Caleb and Will Franklin recorded the song "I Love My Lips" for the 2003 Veggie Rocks CD ,for Veggie Tales,under the name of "Stevenson".

    • Steven and his wife have three biological children: Emily Elizabeth, Caleb Stevenson, and Will Franklin, as well as three adopted Chinese girls: Shaohannah Hope Yan, Stevey Joy Ru, and Maria Sue. Maria was killed in an accident on May 21, 2008.

    • Steven and his family created the adoption aid foundation "Shaohannah's Hope" in 2002.

    • Steven has also won an American Music Award.

    • Steven and his wife, Marybeth, have written two children's books together: "Shaoey and Dot" and "The Christmas Miracle."

    • Steven appeared on CBS Sunday Morning on Christmas morning, 2005 to talk about his work with adoption, his family, and his music.

    • Steven's music video for "All I Really Want for Christmas" debuted on the CMT Top 20 Countdown Show on Thursday, December 15th, 2005.

    • Steven has been married to his wife, Marybeth, since 1984.

  • Quotes

    • Steven: (about his adopted daughter Maria's death) We have talked a lot, and you will hear all of us talk about the process of grieving with hope. That's what has kept us breathing, that's what's kept us alive, is that while we are grieving this process, there is a hope that we have. We are a family with a lot of questions. But that's what faith is. It's living with the questions. That doesn't mean you have the answers. That's exactly what faith is. I know that I will dance with Maria again someday.

    • Steven: My calling as a Christian is to know the lyrics of the gospel so well that its music resonates through my whole being to the delight of my Father, anytime, anywhere.

    • Steven: (speaking on his album "All About Love") I really feel like this record is as deeply spiritual in every one of the songs as every record I've ever written. I write music out of my experience of and exploring God's grace and where God shows up in my life. There's no place in my life where I have seen more profound revelations of God and His presence and my need for Him than in my relationships, and particularly in my marriage.

    • Steven: The beautiful thing about the theme of adoption is any time we tell an adoption story; I really believe we're telling the story of the gospel again because, I think, adoption is a visible gospel. It's really a re-telling of what our story is of coming into God's family.

    • Steven: We have six kids, my wife and I. We have three biological and we adopted three little girls from China. And so we've got a 19-year-old college student all the way down to a two year old. We got driver's training, potty training, we got it all.

    • Steven: I love Christmas music and there's nothing like getting together with friends at Christmas time to celebrate with music the incredible reality of the Savior's birth.

    • Steven: What I've felt most inspired by is that, like Scripture, when you reach the end of the story, it's a new beginning.