Steven Grayhm

Steven Grayhm


1/14/1981, London, Ontario, Canada

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Born in London, Ontario, Canada, Steven attended various elementary schools across the province due to his father's ongoing work demands. This transient lifestyle placed significant strains on past, present and future friendships with other children. And so, it was at the tender age of 6, that this ardent…more


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  • He seems to be pretty hot

    Steven Grayhm...I only saw him in Smallville, and he was sort of a maniac...but I know that he's sexy nonetheless. He's tall, athletic (maybe he plays football), his skin is unblemished, his voice is nice, his hair is long and dirty-blonde, and he has long fingers (maybe he plays basketball because he does have unusually large palms...) It was cool how he could control people by turning them into wax statues. If I had that power, I would get Steven Grayhm, Chez Starbuck, Chad Krowchuk, Tom Welling, Jared Padelecki, Jesse McCartney, & David Gallagher, put them in a HOT GUY DISPLAY, and transform them into statues (it's actually more like freezing them in place or petrifying them) and people could come admire these hotties up close. Of course after a while, I would have them change their positions by unfreezing then freezing them again (and I could play a prank like: cutting their hair while their waxed cause they wouldn't be able to do anything about it), but it's cool how Steven's power backfires in Smallville and he ends up becoming statufied (and his face was pretty funny when he got frozen...although I was sad when he crashed and died). But if he didn't die, everyone else would still be frozen cause no one could unfreeze them since Steven became wax...but he'd probably rather die than be stuck as a 17 year old forever with that really funny face and hands all bent everywhichway...although, since he's so hot, I wouldn't have minded taking his petrifyed body for myself). But that's all I know about Steven Grayhm in Smallville...he's a hottie who will always be hot (even if he's frozen), but I'll have to see him in something else to balance out his acting talent.moreless
  • Cute, talented and but still not yet famous.

    I think Steven Grayhm is a very good actor and should do more acting than he is doing now. All he needs is one lead role and he will probably get a lot of publicity. Everyone should see how much skill this guy has. I think he is one of the best male actors that is still not famous.