Steven Hartley

Steven Hartley


Shipley, West Yorkshire, England

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Steven Hartley (a Leo) was born in Shipley West Yorkshire and grew up in York where he attended Grammar school. He was a keen amateur boxer and gained notable success for York and Yorkshire in the late 1970s and early '80s. He attended the LAMDA drama school in…more


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    • Was an amatuer boxer for York and Yorkshire in the late 1970s and early 1980s

      Is a seasoned voice over artist.

      Auditione to be the next James Bond after Roger Moore's contract ran out in 1985. he was deemed too young for ther role at 25.

      Laboured on a building in the 1990s when the jobs began to dry up.

      Engaged to be married to actress Abby Francis

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  • What can i say? well, apart from yum! I really miss him in the bill, he may have been bad, but he was good at it! that cheeky smile could heat up the coldest heart!He is not on the tv much theese days.. come back steven..please!!moreless

    Steven made chandler totaly believable!

    Not too keen seeing him in doctors, i only watched it too see the hansome chap lol!

    I hear his voice on tv, mind you, you cant miss it..deep and so sexy.I would love to meet him in person.Is he as tall as he seems? I cant comment on anything else, hes not on the tv gutted..