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  • Best voice actor ever

    He voices in some great shows like Naruto, Zatch Bell!, Billy and Mandy and even does the voice for Wolverine. It's also ironic that he was born the year of the snake and he voiced Orochimaru LOL
  • Wow! He's frekin awasome! Voice of Vincent Valentine and other great animes like Naruto!

    First of all my favorite role of his is as Vincent Valentine. He does a good good as hsi voice. It fits vincent perfectly. He is great at doing DUBs which is rare because not mant people can do DUB's good. But his voice fits. Although I haven't seen him in Who Line Is It? i wonder if he did a funny skit. His role as Gaara's father I didn't even know it was him but he did good job on that although his voice would be good with Gaara also. He is under appreicated voice actor. I can't wait to see what he does in the future.
  • God among men.

    Steven Jay Blum is pretty much the only voice actor I can stand in dubbed anime anymore. There's good reason, too. He's amazing at what he does. Not to mention, he's been in absolutely everything. Naruto, Advent Children, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin . . . he's done them all. I absolutely love his voice, and the characters he plays are enhanced due to it. I don't think it's possible to insult Spike, Mugen, Zabuza, or Shishio. They are all complete bad***es, and made all the more so thanks to Steven Jay Blum. All I have to say is thank you to the man for giving some redeeming quality to English dubs. I pretty much watch everything that doesn't have him in it in the original Japanese with subtitles.
  • Hes my favorite voice actor best voice actor hes got such a dark and demonic voice I love his roles mainly cause I love anime hes got to be the bet voice actor ever Steven Jay Blum rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this guy hes very origanal dark cool and everthing about him is awesome he should have tv appearencs you rule steve I love you best voice in the whole freeiken world I love him alot hes my favorite voice actor hes the best voice actor ever I have nothing left to say.
  • he is the best voice actor in my opion

    this guy can star on so many shows thats more than what tom kenny and tara strong can do he is great with anime voices i love anime i love steven jay blum he is my idol he has such a voice he voices the host of toonami how AWESOME this guy is so steven jay blum i give you a 10 out of 10
  • The best voice actor around!

    Steven Jay Blum is definately the best voice actor around! I first heard him as the voice of Spike Spiegal in Cowboy Bebop, then later as Kazuma in S-CRY-ED and Roger Smith in Big O. Most recently, he was Zabuza in Naruto. Every voice he does has a cool, experienced tone to it. It's as if he's been around the world and has become bored with it. The only reason I ever watched the horrible anime version of S-CRY-ED is because he does the voice of Kazuma. Any show that has him as a voice actor definately goes up a few points in my mind.
  • You\'ve got to have a pretty rugged voice to do Zabuza.

    This guy has to have developed his voice deeply. I can only go to a low of a bass male opera singer, but this guy... you\'re going down to the Darth Vader kind of thing. The Zabuza voice is a very \"low circumstance\" voice. Which means if he goes high-pitched in this case, he still has to sound very deep. For example, trying to say \"AHHHHHHH!\" in this case would sound more like a long \"Eh\" sound. His voice also has to sound rough in this case, like \"bumpy\". (Ex. Smooth: _______________, Rough: _^___^_^____^__^___^ (or something like that anyway.) In conclusion, this guy is a very talented voice actor. END.
  • Perfect voice.

    The very first time I heard him was actually Digimon but I didn\'t realized that it was him. when I watched Cowboy Bebop, Then it hit me. Steven Jay Blum has got to be one of the best voice actor in Anime history! He gets the chracters right. I was so excited when he did the voice of Zabuza on Naruto. He fit that chracter perfectly.
  • Great VA...But the same voice every single time

    He's a really great Va
    but he's in too many things-So many that its starting to annoy me. The line up on Adult-Swim all you hear is his voice all night long.
    Cowboy Bebop,S-CRY-Ed,Samurai Champloo,Wolf\'s Rain, and even Naruto(thats not Adultswim but still)
    it wouldn't bother me if in every show it wasnt the same voice
    Come on Mr.Blum...Mix it up
  • Steven Jay Blum is awesome!

    Steven Jay Blum is just amazing. I had no idea that he was in just about every anime I watch on TV. He has a great voice and he puts a lot of emotion into his voice to make it sound like the character would if he was real. Steven Jay Blum is one of my 2 most favorite voice actors. I hope he does voices for many more new animes. I first heard of him when I was watching Digimon quite a few years ago. I started watching some of the other anime and discovered that he was in W.I.T.C.H.
  • You cannot deny Steven Jay Blum. There aren't too many people with such a distinctive voice. I'm sure that most folks who watch anime or other animated shows have heard Blum's voice, and there's no doubt that he is da man!

    There's no doubt that Mr. Steven Jay Blum (may also be known as David Lucas or Daniel Andrews) is one of most talented American voice-over actors of the end of the 1990s and into the 21st century. The first time I've heard Blum's voice was from Cartoon Network's Toonami mascot, TOM. He has been doing TOM's voice, since the character debuted on the network (I think).

    My favorite role performed by Blum himself has to be Spike Spiegel from "Cowboy Bebop." It's the the role that is very close to Blum's natural voice. So in other words, Blum was born to become Spike Spiegel. He's also known for his works in Megas XLR, s~CRY~ed, Big O, Samurai Champloo, and Ben 10. If you haven't heard of any of Mr. Blum's works, then you are definitely missing out. He cannot be denied!
  • He's just GREAT!!

    He's very talented at what he does. He's voiced many famous and well known characters in anime english dubs, and has even voiced commercials. This dude is great. He's the voice for the space robot Tom from the Toonami block. How great is that? Never get tired of hearing him ^_^
  • Steven Blum is recognized as an all-time favorite voice actor.

    Steven Jay Blum is one of the most recognized voice actors for many animations, especially voice casting for anime. He is extremely talented (in my opinion). The longtime actor has many years of experience, and has been working with many studios. Even the recent show that aired on Cartoon Network, Ben 10, has him as one of the actors. Heatblast suits him PERFECTLY! I hope Mr. Blum will continue to work on his career, and I would like to congratulate on his acheivements.

    Once again, I congratulate you Mr. Blum, for giving us the right voice, for the right show!
  • Steven Jay Blum is a very talented voice actor. It's amazing how he goes from JP to Yamaki to Darcia.

    Steven Jay Blum seems to be a bit like Joshua Seth. However, Blum does not have the same voice in every role, like Seth does (no offense). If you watch Digimon, you most likely know that Yamaki from Season Three is voiced by Blum. J.P. from Season Four is also voiced by Blum. The two voices are starkly different, yet they are from the same voice actor. That is Blum's special talent. He is able to really cloud or blend his voice to fit the character. Yamaki starts off as an extremely dark character in Season Three, hating all digimon. As the season progresses, he begins to lighten, and this is apparent in the "weight" that the voice of Blum seems to carry. In Season Four of Digimon, Blum pulls off the goof-off personality of JP pretty well. But in the serious episodes, Blum is able to make the voice of JP more serious without making him sound like Darcia. Which brings me to my last section of this review. Darcia is great. Blum is awesome as Darcia. He really fits the part. Perhaps one of his best moments is in the episode of Wolf's Rain where he learns of Harmona's death. He is screaming and smashing his head against a wall. The scream with which he ends the scene is scary in that it is so inhuman. At the begininning of the series, Blum does the conflicting emotions or the lighter side of Darcia nicely. But by the end of the series, Blum is in his top villain form. His last words in the series, when he is walking to Paradise are very well done, as you can tell they are coming from someone who is bruised and battered and bloody. Steven Jay Blum is probably one of the best voice actors out there.
  • The Best Of The Best

    You're in all my favorite shows: Big O, as Roger, Naruto, as Zabuza, s-CRY-ed, as Kazuma, Samurai Champloo, as Mugen, and of course Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. All my favorite shows, one voice actor. It's just incredible your talent! I notice your voice talent anywhere! I'm your biggest fan!!!
  • His talent is undeniable. I don't believe I've heard such a good voice actor in a long time.

    Steven Jay Blum is absolutely fantastic. His work in Cowboy Bebop, Big O, and more recently Scryed and Samurai Champloo has left me speechless by the talent of this man. His voice is very smooth and sexy on Spike and Roger Smith while it is very gruff and wild on Kazuma and Mugen, fitting the characters in absolute perfection. Everytime I hear his voice I get excited, for I know the show is going to automatically going to be better since he does such a wonderful job. He is definitely one of the best of his time.

    I didn't think much of it, as I often don't, at first until one night when I was flipping through the channels, and I came across an episode of Big O. Normally, I don't watch Big O much since it's not really my style, but in this episode, he had gone down into this other world or something, and he was scared. The way Blum expressed the raw fear in his voice kept me on the edge of my seat, and I desperately wanted to know what was going to happen next.

    His talent is beyond words. I wish there were more like him.
  • Steven Jay Blum stands out as one of the premier talents of voice acting today.

    Steven Jay Blum stands out as one of the premier talents of voice acting today. I first heard him on Cowboy Bebop, and have been hooked ever since. He has the ability to make take a mediocre anime and fill it with life, making it something far more enjoyable than it started as. In addition, he has the talent to take an already great anime experience, and through his unique voice and abundance of talent, make the experience and even greater and deeper one. If you haven't yet, check out S-cry-ed, Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, or Last Exile - and you'll see what I mean.

    Thank you Steven for all of the hours of enjoyment which you have brought, and no doubt will continue to bring

    you rock steven blum! the voice for spike of cowboy bebop and mugen from samurai champloo, steven jay blum is one of the greatest ever! he's done many great voices for different kinds of cartoons and animes, digimon, cowboy, zatch bell, samurai chamloo. Steven Blum is number 1! And not to mention, the producer of Whose line is it anyway!
  • This guy has an amazing voice. He is in S-cry-ed and Cowboy Bebop. Plus he did some work for Whose line is it anyway, Very talented individual.

    This guy is amazing. Probably one of the best anime voice actor's around. I am so happy that he is doing Kakashi for Naruto, people wanted him to do Kakashi. He is in my top 4 anime voices, including Sean Schemmel, Steven Jay Blum, Chris Sabat, Richard Ian Cox. This guy is great, he has time to do 7-11 commericals and do work for Whose line is it anyway? He also does the robot on Toonami. Voice sounds familiar now doesn't it? He is a great voice actor and he was great as Spike in Bebop and great as Kazuma in S-cry-ed. This guy should never leave anime voice overs ever, he is great!
  • What a talented man, the best voice actor around.

    At first I didn't know who Steven Jay Blum was intill i notice some characters sounded the same so i check on Then notice he does a lot of voice for some of the best catoons around he's Spike some Cowboy Bebop, Roger from Big-O, Mugen from Samurai Champloo. He doesn't change his voice much for those characters but some how it seems to work. He's a great actor and is very, very underrated.
  • An excellent voice actor.

    Doing such favorites as Spike from Cowboy Bebop, Kazuma from s-CRY-ed, and Mugen from Samurai Champloo, how could he be anything but great? His characteristic deep-sounding voice adds plenty of badass-ness to all the character he voices. He also adds his voice to various video game voiceovers, which is always a good thing.
  • Wow, he does voice overs/dubbing like better than anyone or thing that I have ever been blessed enough to hear *rejoices*

    Wow, he does voice overs/dubbing like better than anyone or thing that I have ever been blessed enough to hear *rejoices*

    I could just like gape at his amazing talents till he caught laringitous or how ever you spell it.

    "Go Steven Jay Blum, talk your voice out!"
    'I just LOVE a man who can....'---note not my original quote, I heard it from somewhere.
  • Man...he is everywhere! I love it!

    Well, of course I first noticed him on Cowboy Bebop. It's got to be one of my three top favorite animes of all time (if not the top of that three). Spike wormed his way into my heart with his cocky attitude and hidden pain. I could not have imagined a better voice for him than Steven's. So when I had seen the ending of the series, I was so blown away by his performance that I decided to check up on him to see if I could catch him elsewhere. Well guess what? He's friggin everywhere! He's on Big O, he's the voice of the little robot guy who hosts Toonami on CN. He's on the new series S-Cry-Ed. He's on another of my top three fav animes (as another cocky puffy haired scroundrel), Samurai Champloo. He's even on the 7-11 commercials and numerous other unexpected things. Steven thank you for sharing your wonderful voice with the world. You do so much to bring so many beloved animes to life.
  • Steven Jay is a great voice actor giving voice to many characters.

    Steven Jay Blum is a great voice actor. My favorite voice actor of all time. He has this great voice that sounds so cool and every character that he gives voice to, he gives this certain coolness to. My favorite roles that he did was Spike's voice from Cowboy Bebop and TOM from TOONAMI.
  • This voice actor is one of the best I've ever heard. I now will look and listen to an animation if I know that he is in it. He has a distinctive style and voice, and I truly love it.

    I have heard this voice actor in several animes. Gungrave, Samurai Champloo, Big O to name a few. He has a very distinctive voice and fits every character I've heard him play. I have started to buy, listen and look at animation that he is in. In fact, he is one of the reasons I became an anime fan.