Steven Keats





6/26/1945 , Bronx, New York, USA



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Steven Keats was born on February 6, 1945, in the Bronx, New York. After attending the Yale School of Drama he made his debut on Broadway in Oh! Calcutta!. His skill at donning a role perfectly earned him an Emmy Award nomination for his Outstanding Lead Role in the television series Seventh Avenue, for his portrayal of an entrepreneur who clawed his way up to the echelon of the clothing business during the Great Depression. Keats is also remembered for playing Thomas Edison, depicting his life when he was on the cusp of inventing the electric bulb and the events that lead to the discovery in the sci-fi mini-series Voyagers!. On the big screen, Steven gained acclaim for his work in Hester Street and All My Children along with supporting roles in Silent Rage, Black Sunday and The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Keats passed away on May 8, 1994, and is survived by his son Thatcher Keats, an acclaimed photographer and indie actor in his own right.