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  • Tapa Boca

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    S 5 : Ep 4 - 1/31/06

    With the IAD investigation in full force, Vic seeks legal representation from Becca Doyle for the Strike Team. Also, a suspicious Vic decides to confront Emolia after he begins to doubt her loyalty to him. Meanwhile, Dutch and Claudette investigate the ghastly murder of a pregnant woman. Tina continues to make mistakes while on duty.moreless
  • The Artful Dodger

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    S 1 : Ep 7 - 3/16/03

    A customer is killed during a multimillion dollar jewelry robbery. During the investigation, Friday and Smith meet a British insurance company P.I. who attempts to use them to recover the stolen jewels. Friday also knocks heads with the arrogant owner of a private security company.moreless
  • Bottoms Up

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    S 10 : Ep 13 - 2/4/03

    Clark Sr. stops by to see his son. He offers to help, but he is denied his request when his son tells him that it is being taken care of in house. Clark Sr. realizes that Sipowicz is probably on the job. Meanwhile out on the street, Sipowicz is on the job, shaking down a drug dealer named Gordo who he tells that he is looking for any information on any cops that may have been shaking down any dealers. Back at the squad, the detectives are mulling over Clark Jr.'s situation when Jones comes in with information about an arrest that Laughlin made the previous week. The individual he busted for pot had a previous record involving heroin. McDowell and Ortiz begin an interview with a mother and daughter who've come in to report that the daughter had been assaulted the night before. When they get the mother to leave the room Annalise, the daughter girl confesses to them what really happened. She and her boyfriend were attacked. Both she and her boyfriend were knocked out with chloroform while she was sexually assaulted. Sipowicz has a conversation with Laughlin's drug bust collar, Ignacio Delgado, and he eventually tells Sipowicz that while Laughlin asked him about where he could get some heroin, he didn't tell him anything because he didn't trust him. Clark Sr. stops Sipowicz on his way into the precinct to offer his help. Sipowicz assures him that he is doing everything that he can to help his son, but allows Clark Sr. to go and look up his son's ex-partner from narcotics to see what he might know. McDowell and Ortiz talk with Annalise's boyfriend Terrell. Since he has a record, they are somewhat suspicious of him and his story doesn't seem to sit right with him. He offers them nothing, but they want him to remain available. Ortiz asks for status from Sipowicz on his investigation. He tells her that they have direction that they are looking, but they don't have any real progress to report yet. Another rape is reported and McDowell and Ortiz are sent to interview the victim. Jones and Medavoy are interviewing Carl Pruitt, one of Laughlin's stops where a citation wasn't issued. Sipowicz comes in to the interview room and quickly gets the information that he needs, which is that Pruitt knows nothing. At the hospital McDowell and Ortiz interview the other rape victim, who tells them that her attacker had made her boyfriend watch while he raped her. She tells them that her boyfriend claimed that he was going to be on the lookout for the attacker. A call comes in from a friend of Gordo and Sipowicz agrees to meet with him. On his way out of the house, Sipowicz runs into Laughlin and they exchange a few heated words about Sipowicz's investigation. McDowell and Ortiz talk a man named Will Porter who was collared in the park a couple of weeks earlier. With his prior record, they ask for his cooperation which he denies them. They respond by adding his photo to their lineup. Sipowicz meets with the dealer, who begins to tailor his story to meet with Sipowicz's needs. Sipowicz smashes the dealer's face into his lunch and tells him not to waste anymore of his time. McDowell and Ortiz hear from the second victim's boyfriend who they leave to go and retrieve. Jones finds out that Carl Pruitt the man they interviewed earlier and that Sipowicz had dismissed after only a few pointed questions has called into the precinct asking for Laughlin. Rodriguez wants them to bring Pruitt back in. Clark Sr. comes in to report to Sipowicz on what he knows, but all Sipowicz sees is that Clark Sr. doesn't know anything and that he has been drinking. Sipowicz tells him to go home, but Clark Sr. realizes what the beef is that the uniform has with his son over the IAB investigation with the auxiliary cop. McDowell and Ortiz talk with their second rape victim's boyfriend, who tells them that he was conscious throughout his girlfriend's rape. He can't help them with their photo array because he wasn't wearing his glasses to get a clear look at the perp. He does promise to help make a voice ID, since the perp was constantly talking. Sipowicz is given a second chance to talk with Carl Pruitt, who eventually tells him that Laughlin did take the heroin that he was holding to sell on consignment. Pruitt is scared that the dealer he was going to be selling it for is going to come after him. Sipowicz wants Pruitt to wear a wire and have a conversation with Laughlin. Annalise's boyfriend is brought back in to reconfirm his story to McDowell and Ortiz, to see if it really matches that of the other victims' boyfriend. He tells them that it does and when they show him their photo array he picks out a suspect for them to after. Out on the street the wearing of the wire doesn't go well, as Sipowicz, Rodriguez and Martens realize that Laughlin is hip to what is going on. They are going to have to try again later, with some other tactics. McDowell and Ortiz talk again with Will Porter, who they now know was their rapist. His record of being raped in prison and their knowledge of it gets Porter to confess his crime. The detectives and Haywood are discussing what kind of case they have against Laughlin and it doesn't look good. Off. Shannon comes upstairs at Sipowicz's request and Sipowicz wants him to help them with their case against his partner, Laughlin. Shannon says that he can't help him followed by claiming to not knowing anything. Sipowicz (and we) know that Shannon is a good cop, and Sipowicz is just asking for his help to save a good cop from a bad cop. The detectives are called out to the scene of a homicide; the victim is Pruitt their one witness that gave them hope for getting a release for Clark Jr. Sipowicz goes to the Clark Jr.'s cell to give him the bad news of the day. Tomorrow Clark Jr. gets arraigned and after that he is being transferred to Riker's.moreless
  • Monster

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 2 - 10/1/02

    A 13 year old is charged with the rape and murder of his mother and could be tried for first-degree murder. Nick must try and get the case to juvenile court.
  • Felonius Monk

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 17 - 3/7/02

    Grissom investigates the murders of four monks who were shot point blank while chanting in a Buddhist temple; Catherine reopens a cold case in which her best friend was murdered, after the man convicted of the crime claims he's innocent shortly before he dies.moreless