Steven L. Sears

Steven L. Sears


Fort Gordon, Georgia

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Steven L. Sears



Also Known As

Buddy Williers, Steve Sears
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Steven L. Sears is the younger of two sons of parents Richard and Marian Sears. The family traveled frequently since Richard was a career soldier in the U.S. Army. As a result, he and his brother Bruce had visited forty-eight states and fourteen countries before their middle teens.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Steven describes himself as "the outdoors type", and enjoys hiking, golfing and skiing. He's also a trained martial artist.

    • Occasionally, Steven will do work on a script, but it will be subject to extensive rewrites. Technically he still is credited with writing it, but he doesn't feel comfortable with having his name on it. So he uses the registered pseudonym Buddy Williers for his credit. The Xena episode "Them Bones, Them Bones" is one such script that he wrote.

    • Steven left Xena at the beginning of the fifth season in order to help create the new TV show Sheena.

    • Steven makes very frequent appearances at Xena conventions.

    • Steven says that he doesn't read fan fiction because one of his personal rules is to never read anything about a character that he's working on.

    • Steven's favorite Xena episode that he has written is "Dreamworker", but it is closely followed by "Prometheus".

    • In his 23+ years of work in television, Xena Warrior Princess is one of a very few shows that have become more than "just a job" for Steven. Part of the reason for that is the huge fan support of the show.

    • Steven, along with other members of the production staff for the show Xena Warrior Princess was asked by MCA not to post on the Netforum after a while due to legal problems encountered on another Netforum.

    • In all his time working on Xena Steven only got down to New Zealand once. "With Eric Grundemann on the set and Rob Tapert down there most of the time, I wasn't needed," he said. His one visit was during the shooting of the Xena episode "The Greater Good". He was there for a week and worked the entire time. He did however attend the wrap party for the first season in New Zealand, which he greatly enjoyed.

    • Offered the job of Creative Consultant, he signed up with Renaissance since it gave him a steady income but still allowed him to work on other projects. Later, when Babs Greyhoski decided to leave the series the job of Supervising Producer was open. He talked to RJ Stewart and pointed out his own experience as a producer. RJ agreed that he would be perfect for the position, so he became the Supervising Producer for Xena before they even finished the first episode.

    • Sears' meant to pursue an acting career when he arrived in LA in 1980. He never intended to be a writer, and he never took a class nor even read a book about it. However, as he looked for acting jobs he began writing audition scenes for casting directors and eventually one of them suggested he should write a script. From there he ended up a writer.

    • While writing the episode "Dreamworker" for the show Xena Warrior Princess, he was trying to explain how a fight scene was supposed to look to the director but failed. So he told him, "You're the bad guy" and then performed the move himself, complete with a backflip. Sam Raimi held up a piece of paper with a "10" on it and everyone applauded and laughed.

    • As a staff writer for Xena, he was the one who suggested both of Gabrielle's weapons, the staff and the sais. He had trained with both, and the staff was his first weapon.

  • Quotes

    • Steven: Putting together a television show defies logic. I liken it to piling scrap metal and waiting for a tornado to turn it into a Cadillac.

    • Steven: In the life of any series, people come and go and the thought that R.J., Rob, and I have been together from the beginning is incredible!

    • Steven: (on his experience with the show "Sheena") I'm very proud of the series and the people I worked with. John Allen Nelson and I are quite good friends now. Kevin Quigley and I have been friends for years already. Margo [Moorer] and I would probably hang out a lot, except she's in Atlanta. And Gena [Lee Nolin] is off getting her life together after Sheena with a new career. So, as much as we all wanted it to continue, it ended well as far as making friends and launching things. Still, I miss them all.

    • Steven: I've been offered other shows, if I were to leave Xena, for a lot more money... and I've turned them down. When you've been in the business for a while, its not about money - its about doing what you love, and that has a huge cash value.

    • Steven: (on his interaction with "Xena" fans on the internet under the screen name Tyldus) Mostly it was people asking me questions about the show and what I did. I think more than a few people didn't believe I was who I said I was. Nowadays, mention the name 'Tyldus' and you get more than a few groans.

    • Steven: (upon being asked why he and the other "Xena" writers have every guy Gabrielle kisses die) It's the lipstick. On a story level, it's worked. There is no real Gabrielle curse, although in the future we will be identifying her boyfriends with red shirts.

    • Steven: (on writing for the character Xena) She doesn't apologize to anybody...It is so refreshing to do a TV show where you have a female hero who can do something and not look at a man to see if it's OK.

    • Steven: I still haven't figured out why people ask for my autograph. Don't forget that I was one of those fans. Even though I never considered myself a 'Trekkie', I used to be able to name an episode of the original Star Trek just by hearing one line of dialogue.

    • Steven: (on writing villain characters) The thing that makes a villain dangerous is when you actually like them, or at the very least, understand them. We don't have to care about a stereotypical villain. But when you think, "This is the kind of person I'd like to hang out with, but he'd kill me!", that's a dangerous character.

    • Steven: (on the decision to have Gabrielle not kill on "Xena") In most series, the person realizes it (the personal to the person who kills) after the fact. They kill someone and then they go, 'Oh my God, what have I done?' I thought it would be interesting if Gabrielle realized it beforehand.