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    • Steven: (On what attracted him to the role of J in The Criminal) When you read a script, how it affects you is always a big thing. I always loved the opening scene; it had a big impact on me, this arresting speech about dance music. And then it went straight into this scene with this girl--but you didn't quite know how it was gonna go. Then suddenly it became this dark, plot-heavy, conspiracy thriller, and I liked it. The thing is, for me, a lot of my work has been very diverse but also very heavily character-driven. Which is fantastic, but what was nice about this is that, from an actor's point of view, there was always something very simple about it that was quite appealing--the idea of just being thrown into a situation and led by the forces around you. I thought it would be immense fun to do. There was some nice dialogue and I liked the intricacies of the plot.