Steven Page

Steven Page


6/22/1970, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

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Steven Jay Page


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Steven attended high school in Scarborough, Ontario, where he met future band-mate Ed Robertson. The two performed together, and with some other friends, created Barenaked Ladies.


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    • Page: People don't like paying for music, it's not because they think it's free, they just don't like the process.

    • Page: Not everyone's an artist, but people can now express themselves like artists do, by sharing something that means something to them. If we had a system of compulsory licenses, they don't have to worry about going and getting a license to do it, or circumventing the system.

    • Page: (On if he usually took holidays off) I didn't used to. I did as a kid, and even in college, and then in the band it sort of went by the wayside. I started feeling guilty about it, and then I was like, 'Why should I feel guilty about it? Why don't I just celebrate the holidays instead'?

    • Page: (On going home in the middle of a tour to celebrate Jewish Holidays) I'm Jewish, so I'm flying home for the High Holidays this year, and it's right in the middle of the tour. It's a bit of a deal, but I think we've all figured out in the band that if you've got something to do. . .'If you need her, you should be there, go home,' as we say on the album--Maroon, available in stores now. But that's what we've had to realize. You miss a day here or there of essential touring time, it's not going to kill us. It's more important that we're in this band and glad to be there.

    • Page: (On his older songs) I don't really get sick of them that often. There are occasionally ones that you do, and ones that you have to play. I see other guys in the band that really do struggle with that sometimes. Being front person is different. If I were playing drums, I'd get sick of it. Part of the charm of performing with us is the banter and the chitchat, and my wheels are spinning during the breaks. For me that's a fresh experience.

    • Page: (On his band, The Barenaked Ladies) As far as the sound of the record goes, we have no idea. If we go in thinking that way, it never works out that way, and it's never organic. I think it's important for us to sound like ourselves, first and foremost.

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