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  • Personal Favorite

    Steven Pasquale is probably most famous for his role as Sean Garrity, the dim-witted firefighter with a big heart, in the FX hit show Rescue Me. But he has been racking up quite an impressive list of roles, mostly in theatre. Pasquale's talent is endless, he has acted nearly every role possible, and is also a great singer (he hopes to release a CD in the future!), not to mention that he just landed a lead role in Alien vs. Predator 2. He has been one of my favorite actors since I caught him on Rescue Me, making me laugh through the RM hour. He is a comedic genious and it is mostly through his facial expressions and body language, one of the best actors around these days.
  • Hilarious!

    As Sean, on Rescue Me, Steven has really found a place to stretch his comedic skills while still being able to just cut loose and have fun with the role. That is the over all feel you get when you watch the character of Sean. It really feels as though Steven will be cracking up any moment , right along with you, as he goes through Sean's antics.
  • Talented

    Steve Pasquale, who has a very ecclectic resume, theatre being the most prominent. Many people only know Steven from the show Rescue Me, where he brilliantly plays a dim-witted, kind hearted fireman. however, Steve is a very talented stage actor with a lovely singing voice. Steven does a convincing job in every role he takes on, his comedic timing is unbelivible.