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    • Is married to Tony Award winning actress Laura Benanti whom he met while performing The Secret Garden for a charity concert.

    • Steven stated that the most heartbreaking thing he had experienced professionally was having to give up opening The Light in the Piazza on Broadway for his role in Rescue Me.

    • Steven states that his most rewarding role thus far was Fabrizio in Light in the Piazza.

    • Steven succeeded Jeremy Piven for the role of Tom in Fat Pig.

    • Steven's character in "Rescue Me", Sean Garrity, was originally named Sean Murphy but changed later on. Sean Murphy ended up being the name of Colleen's boyfriend early in Season 1.

    • Some of Steven's theater credits include: "Fat Pig", "A Man of No Importance", "The Light in the Piazza", "Beautiful Child", "Spitfire Grill", "Spinning Into Butter", "The Wild Party", "Miss Saigon", and "West Side Story".

    • Steven admits that when he was young, he used to sneak into Hershey Park.

    • In theater he received nominations by the Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle for his role as Robbie Fay, in "A Man of No Importance".

    • Steven had a role in the 2004 Comedy "The Last Run" as Jack Manning, alongside actor Fred Savage.

    • Steven starred in the 2005 film Aurora Borealis alongside actors Donald Sutherland, Joshua Jackson, and Juliette Lewis.

    • Sean: You're not gonna hit me, are ya?

  • Quotes

    • Steven: (about what real firemen think about Rescue Me) We've sort of gotten their stamp of approval in terms of my experience running into the guys actually on the job. And, you know, that has meant more to us than any of the reviews and the ratings and what-not, to feel like they feel we hit the nail on the head, in terms of the dynamic in the firehouse and the struggles at home with wives and kids.

    • Steven: Wanna see the effort that goes into creating a character on Rescue Me? I accidentally made a monkey face for Denis [Leary] one day in the trailer, little did I know the next month I would be spent on national television making the same goddamn face.

    • Steven: (talking sarcastically about Denis Leary) What a jerk, you know, his writing is so sub-par… and he just can't act. He's a comedian really, I mean you know… I guess he's okay for a 'comedian', but at the end of the day, it's like… you know when they need the money shot, they go to the other guys… forget Denis.

    • Steven: Denis and Peter were writing so on the fly last year, but this year (referring to Season 2) they were able to really hash out what they wanted these guys to go through this season from beginning to end, and get a real jump on it. And not only that, their work relationship has gotten to the point where like they know what each other is gonna write, and what the other one's gonna say and it ends up, you know in the script. You know every week they just gel so well together, it's a well-oiled machine at this point.

    • Steven: On a normal one hour show you might shoot five or six or seven or eight pages on a great day. And you know its not uncommon for us to shoot eighteen pages, or nineteen pages… in the last block we shot twenty and a quarter pages in like eleven hours. Which I've never even heard of, you know we're really making mini movies, 90 minutes of stuff in a two week block it's just unbelievable how fast they work… the crew especially.

    • Steven: (about working with long-time friend Taye Diggs again) For a long time we've looked for something to do together, but it can certainly be a humble experience to be in a show with Taye. We come out after the show, and the minute the girls see him over my shoulder, they make a sprint for him.

    • Steven: (in response to never being employed by Hershey Park) I was one of the lucky ones, I never had to do 60 shows a day at Hershey Park.

    • Steven: (after being asked if he would ever record an album) I'd love to do a CD, but I'm a little ignorant about how to get started. I'm thinking about doing an old-fashioned jazz record. With maybe an ode to Chet Baker. It's something I want to pursue when I'm a little more settled in my acting.

    • Steven: (on his character in Rescue Me) I've never played comedy before. This is my first crack at it. They seem to be trusting of my instincts. I'm self-conscious, so I always tell myself that you have to be really smart to play a dumb guy really well.(Laughs) You have to be very specific. There's a fine line between playing a dim-witted character and playing a cartoon. Exploring that has been great fun.