Steven S. DeKnight

Steven S. DeKnight


Millville, New Jersey, USA

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Steven DeKnight, Steve DeKnight, Stephen S. DeKnight, Steve S. DeKnight
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Everyone comes from somewhere and Steven S. DeKnight started life in the wilds of Southern New Jersey. "I grew up in a really tiny town in South Jersey called Millville about an hour from Atlantic City. Factory town, very small -it didn't even have its own movie theater…more


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  • Steven S. Deknight sucks! - Deeply disappointed with Spartacus finale

    Just watched the last episode of Spartacus and would much prefer it if Steven S. DeKnight jumped in front of a bus rather than write another episode of anything.

    What a letdown! How depressing!

    I don't care about being true to historythere could have been some hint of positivity at the end. At least severely injure or otherwise defeat Crassius. He was portrayed as the supreme victor: clean, healthy, and ready for the next challenge...

    Steven S. Deknight sucks!

    I regret watching Spartacus and will never again watch anything this moron writes.

    He sends the wrong message to the viewers.

    Glad I watched online for FREE!!!!moreless
  • I would like to give him more. His concepts are good, but he seems convinced in damaging them with elements that don't fit which ultimately become elements of absurdity.

    The audience gets little time to become involved before a unnecessary element of absurdity slaps them in the face. The sheer shock of hearing the "F" word and the "S" word spit out during dialogue makes it hard to take the drama serious. Since the "F" word and the "S" word are both of Germanic origin during the 14 or 15th century, their use in a Roman setting is absurd. Rather than adding a degree of guttural realism, it evokes "forced" usage. Their is no easy way to watch an actor speak with a Romanesque dialect and then interject these two words. It is like watching someone with turrets syndrome.moreless