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  • The greatest director of all time

    Steven Speilberg is such a talented director. There are other talented directors like Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, Tony Scott, J.J. Abrams, and Christopher Nolan but this director has the hands to make every movie he directed, produced, or executive produced were amazing. You can forget about the beloved film "E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial". Also, I love the Indiana Jones movies that Steven Speilberg directed... he can sure make adventurous and epic Indiana Jones movies. Steven Speilberg produced a film with director J.J. Abrams called "Super 8" which was a great movie. He is going to be the executive producer of the upcoming summer film "Cowboys & Aliens" with director Jon Favreau and he is also going to executive produce "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" with director Michael Bay". He will also be an executive producer "Real Steel" which will release in theaters in October 7th, 2011. Steven Speilberg will also be directing and producing his film "The Adventures of Tintin" releasing in theaters December 23rd, 2011. Steven Speilberg is a talented and gifted man to who knows how to direct and produce good films. Steven Speilberg is also the executive producer of the TNT sci-fi drama TV series called "Falling Skies". You have to be crazy to not think Steven Speilberg is an awesome director. I've always been impressed by his work and it would be an honor to meet him one day. Overall, Steven Speilberg is the greatest director of all time... the other directors that I mentioned in the beginning of my review, I'm a fan of their work as well. 10/10