Steven Strait

Steven Strait


3/23/1986, Greenich Village, New York

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Steven Strait


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  • Steven Strait in Magic City
  • Steven Strait in Magic City
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Steven Strait was born in 1986 in Greenich Village, New York. He bagan taking acting classes at the age of 11. He got in to modeling at the age of 13 and was discovered a few years later. He has appeared in many magazines including Details and Pop…more


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    • Steven: My mom and I talked about the fact that there's going to be a lot of drugs and sex and money floating around, and that I'd have to be prepared to deal with that. And I told her I thought I was. Because you have to choose that for it to affect your life. And not to say that I don't party or anything like that, but you have to think of it as a business. It's not a party. You can have fun doing it, but it is a business. Especially being sixteen, you have to have a way about you that is more mature and more responsible - they're not looking for some teenager to be jumping around the set going "Wowee!

    • Steven: If there's a door, you have to walk through it, a door isn't going to do anything for you by itself. You have to be willing to take advantage of things when the time comes, and be secure about yourself when you walk through, because if you're not you may well trip and fall.

    • Steven: Showbusiness is not a glamour story for most people. They're struggling day by day to get through, but they love what they're doing and that's all that matters.

    • Steven: (on music) I’ve always loved music, and it’s always been more private than acting for me. A lot of people I know didn’t even know I sang.

    • Steven: (on his schooling and where he went to school) Public School No. 3. Grades K to 6, and around five hundred kids. It was very laid-back because most of the kids were children of the hippy generation — so there were a lot of free-spirited kids. There were no boundaries between races, sexes, cultures, religions, whatever. It was all pretty much accepted given the way we were brought up and where we were brought up. So it was a really cool place to go to school.

    • Steven: (on his musical influences) Oh geez, I listen to a lot of different types of music – everything from opera to rock, to blues, jazz. Primarily I do rock and roll - everything from Led Zeppelin, to Bob Dylan, to Metallica. Nirvana.

    • Steven: When you grow up in New York you can feed off an energy that sort of incorporates into every aspect of your life. And I think you try and get that energy from everything you do

    • Steven: You may come into a situation where you’re being approached by all these women, and it's imperative that the person that you’re with absolutely trusts you. If the trust isn't there, it's not going to work.

    • Steven: (on his first performance) It was the first moment I walked onstage and there was such a connection with the audience. It was amazing just being there reacting off of each other.

    • Steven: (on his film The Covenant) I always want to describe it as Harry Potter meets the Matrix...I mean there is an element that it can be compared to Harry Potter in terms of the school educational system but it is much more darker than that.

    • Steven: (on his musical tastes) I'm a classic rock guy. One album I've been listening to a lot lately is 'Exile on Main Street' by the Rolling Stones. Sticky Fingers too. I'm a huge Stones fan.

    • Steven: (on working with Calvin French) I really enjoyed it. He's so precise — very professional.

    • Steven: (on his home, New York) When you grow up in New York you can feed off an energy that sort of incorporates into every aspect of your life. And I think you try and get that energy from everything you do.

    • Steven: (on dating) If you're dating someone, it takes a certain person to be able to handle the attention that you're getting, to still feel secure in themselves and in you.

    • Steven: (on the performing industry) It's a tough industry. It can shoot you to whatever you're looking for, whether its rock stardom or artistic expression. And it can also eat you alive.

    • Steven: (on acting and music) I would have to say that I would pick acting over music. Because I do music in my free time anyway and it's always going to be something it's always going to be a passion. It's moving forward very quickly and hopefully I can do both.

    • Steven: I'm a pretty private person, so when I go out to places I just like to enjoy the company of friends and don't really make a scene.

    • Steven: (on stardom) I love acting and I love music but I am not sure how much I will enjoy fame. I have never experienced it before and in all honesty it seems a bit scary. But I guess I will take it day by day.

    • Steven: (on working with Kurt Rusell and Kelly Preston) They were great, very friendly and we spent a lot of time hanging out between scenes. I learned from them by example, they were so focused and as actors they were amazing to watch.

    • Steven: (on his Undiscovered character Luke) There are a lot of things I can relate to with Luke. I started acting a long time ago here in New York, and I've been acting for about six years before I got to Los Angeles, and it all sort of hit. And in a lot of ways, Luke has a similar story. He goes to LA, and there's a time when he's walking dogs and working at Ben & Jerry's and doing that whole bit.

    • Steven: (on The Covenant cast) I think it was such a good thing to have a group of people who were so down to earth and really there to work. There were no egos on set and it made things so much better and so much easier and so much more comfortable to be in the scene with people like that.

    • Steven: I think the story's something that we certainly all want to believe - that love can prevail over even the harshest boundaries that rock and roll can really throw into something. But I think it gave me the unique opportunity to do two things that I love to do in one project and it's so rare for that to happen. I really wasn't even planning to do music out here, so, it was a great experience.

  • Too young to be that sexy!

    Yes, there are a lot of pretty boys in this world, and most of us average Jills have no chance of ever meeting someone like him, sadly. However, we can dream and this guy is too fine and sexy for his age! I hope he returns to TV and fine-tunes his acting. While his performance in "Sky High" was a great breakthrough one, seeing him in "Undiscovered" was cringe-worthy and I pray he makes better choices in his acting roles in the future. All we can do is see how well he does in "The Covenant" this fall and "10,000 B.C." next year.moreless