Steven Weber





3/4/1961 , Queens, New York, USA

Birth Name

Steven Weber




Born in 1961 in Briarwood, Queens, New York, to two entertainment geared parents, Steven began his career quite early. He was a commercial actor while in the third grade and honed his craft, through the years, at the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan, the State University of New York at Purchase, and through various performances on television, feature film, and Broadway.

Though perhaps not as widely known, Steven has certainly made his way through the trifecta of performing. He has acted in the Mirror Repertory Company, working with stars like Geraldine Page, and later earned his soap opera wings with a one year stint, opposite Julianne Moore, in As the World Turns. On a personal level, he met his first wife on this very set. He garnered more attention with roles in The Flamingo Kid and The Kennedys of Massachusetts, playing the difficult role of John F. Kennedy. Perhaps the role that gained him a true fan base, though, was that of Brian Hackett on Wings. He parlayed this popularity into roles like Jack Torrance in the television remake of Stephen King's The Shining and, once a King favorite, also You Know They Got a Hell of a Band (from the Nightmares and Dreamscapes mini-series) and Desperation. He has also, notably, been a guest star in Monk, with former costar Tony Shalhoub (2006). He has also starred in various short-lived television series, such as Cursed, Once and Again, and The D.A. Though the series proved short-lived, Weber also shined as Jack Rudolph on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and now makes his fans drool as Graham on Brothers and Sisters.

Steven has also taken a turn on Broadway. He has played in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing and played Leo Bloom in The Producers (2001-2002), a role he doubted he would get but was encouraged by his wife and agent to try out for. Alan Alda earned an Emmy nod for his role as Weber's father in 2003's Clubland, a movie written and produced by Weber. In London, Weber also costarred with Kevin Spacey, in 2005, in National Anthems.

Weber's career continues to evolve and his resume continues to grow as this 1990s sitcom star refuses to stay down. On a personal note, after divorcing his first wife, he did in fact remarry and now is part of a family of four, including his two sons with his second wife.

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