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  • chasing life tv series

    when is there gonna be more TV series chasing life on netflix with the rest of all the episodes??? i love this show chasing life,yr friend athena23
  • Amazingly Funny

    Steven Weber seems to be a great person. But since I don't know him personally I can't say but what I can say is he's a great, talented, hilarious actor. On Wings he was awesome he nailed every line it was like the situations he was in were real. In Wings he played a average guy and did a great job of it. Then he guess stared on Monk as a guy who trained a dog to murder people.He also played on Law and Order SVU as a lawyer who seemed a little off. And watching those I realized he was also a great bad guy. And the he was on Million Dollar Password. And out of all the times I seen him act I liked him best when he's himself. You have to be a great actor to pull of bad guy, good guy, average guy and have great character as yourself. So keep up the good work Steven : )
  • He's a talented actor.

    I remember seeing Steven Weber on Wings, where he was basically playing the lighter comedy role of the brother who refuses to grow up. Now he's on Studio 60 and his role couldn't be more different.

    In this new show, he is the hard-nosed executive, and he seems to be playing the part well, so far. There's only been one episode, and I'm not sure how often he'll be in the episodes, but based on the one I saw, I hope he's in a lot of them; he adds the conflict necessary to make the show interesting.

    I never would have believed before that he'd be good playing that kind of role, after seeing him on Wings, but he is very good, and I'd like to see more of him.
  • Wonderful actor. Very Handsome man.

    Steven Weber is a brilliant actor. (how ever you spell it). Hes so cute on tv. I loved him in Wings. He makes wings so funny to watch. Hes like a little kid in a big mans body. I think he should have his own show..Like JOEY. If Steven Weber had his own show, The rating would sky rocket. His Son is so precious. He has a beautiful little boy. Steven seems like he could be a wonderfl husband and father. Greate actor. Wonderful personality.
  • Great Actor, Very Underrated, kept Wings interesting...

    His portrayel of Brian Hackett on Wings was a very underrated performance, and he is very talented. His chemistry with Tim Daly was great, as the chemistry was between him and the other actors and or actresses on the show. He had the rebellious attitude that most people wish they could have. The spontanaity of his character is something most people wish they could be, but never had the guts to be. He brings an energy and life to the show, and for those who don't like him, think of it this way. Without him the show would of been pretty dull. Lowell and Antonio were great, but everyone was brought together through Steven Weber.