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    • Steven Weber regularly contributes to The Huffington Post online, delivering leftist commentary on all types of news, from Hollywood to Politics.

    • Steven Weber first got major screen airtime with 1989's Angels.

    • Steven Weber has become a Stephen King favorite, starring in three King projects, The Shining, Desperation, and an episode of Nightmares and Dreamscapes.

    • Fran Leslie, his mother, was a nightclub singer and Stuart Weber, his father was a Borscht Belt comedian's manager.

    • Steven Weber earned a Best Actor nomination and award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films for his work as Stanley in the 1997 television miniseries Stephen King's The Shining.

    • He graduated from the High School of Performing Arts in 1979 and later from the State University of New York in Purchase, NY.

    • Steven Weber is father to two sons. His first, Jack Alexander Hohnen-Weber, was born on January 15, 2001. His second son, Alfie James, was born on February 25, 2003.

    • Steven Weber was married to Finn Carter from November 14, 1985 to September 1, 1994. He then married Juliette Hohnen on July 9, 1995.

    • As of 2006 his height is 6' 1" (1.85 m).

  • Quotes

    • Steven Weber: (on news coverage) Why does idiotic minutiae that shouldn't take more than a moment to explain away continue to soak up every second of air time? Because "If it bleeds it leads" has utterly supplanted "All the news that's fit to print" and, as seems to be the ineluctable norm, profit trumps truth.

    • Steven Weber: (on politics and the 2008 White House race) To watch our congressional representatives duke it out in forums described as hallowed, respectable institutions but which are really no different from Astroturfed sports arenas is an exercise inducing utter incredulity. While the players are unable and unlikely to convince their opposition of their arguments, the audience in the bleachers is left to choose sides based not on facts (since what was once considered to be cold and hard is now agreed by all to be fungible) but on gut feelings, not on science and reason but on which side makes you feel safer. It's down to that, down to backing the hairier leader with the most gnarled club. Back to primal instincts.

    • Steven Weber: (thoughts on New York) I realize, especially after living in the Los Angeles sprawl for so long, what a small town New York is. Everyday I walk and people say hello to me, and they say, "Break a leg!" It's amazing to me. It's like living on a big campus where you see everybody everyday. It's great, but as a New Yorker, I have mostly love and a little bit of disgust for this city. I will always be a New Yorker, and always love it, especially now that it has been injured. I want to come back and nurse it. But look--summer's coming and that means the smell of bum urine and slipping on spit and garbage, and to me, that's really horrible. Not nice. You know, going on the subway and some guy without a shirt stands over you holding a strap. That, I wish, Giuliani could have outlawed. Forget the squeegee guys, make people wear shirts on the subway!

    • Steven Weber: (about his part in "The Producers") Once you're in this, there's no way out. You have to be exhausted, you have to laugh hysterically, and you're sort of caught in the big Mel Brooks Producers claw. And there's no way out, no way out! You have to suffer and enjoy yourself at the same time!

    • Steven Weber: (on working with Stephen King) Yes, I am a fan of his work. I'm a fan of the fact that he has employed me more than any other writer. So, that keeps me a fan of his. It's a quid pro quo thing -- he employs me, and I say how much I like him. I've done about four projects with his name on it.

    • Steven Weber: (discussing his wife) She takes care of everything. I'm secure in my role. She's the boss. I'm whipped and I love it. She's a writer-producer-journalist-ass-kicker.