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    • Steven Weber: (thoughts on New York) I realize, especially after living in the Los Angeles sprawl for so long, what a small town New York is. Everyday I walk and people say hello to me, and they say, "Break a leg!" It's amazing to me. It's like living on a big campus where you see everybody everyday. It's great, but as a New Yorker, I have mostly love and a little bit of disgust for this city. I will always be a New Yorker, and always love it, especially now that it has been injured. I want to come back and nurse it. But look--summer's coming and that means the smell of bum urine and slipping on spit and garbage, and to me, that's really horrible. Not nice. You know, going on the subway and some guy without a shirt stands over you holding a strap. That, I wish, Giuliani could have outlawed. Forget the squeegee guys, make people wear shirts on the subway!