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  • She was born Stephanie Lynn Nicks on May 26, 1948 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is best known as the raspy vocalist of Fleetwood Mac and her mystical image. She is a great singer-songwriter!

    I was a fan of hers, since I listened to my parents' Fleetwood Mac albums. She does have a great voice. She dances gracefully, whenever she is on stage, when I watch the concert specials on tv or one of the music videos solo or with Fleetwood Mac. I can sometimes raid her wardrobe including her suede platform boots, which comes in different colors like black, cream, tan or maroon. I adore her very long blonde hair. She has the good maxi dresses, her billowing chiffon skirts, shawls, top hats, and layers of lace. She has pretty long nails whether it is with or without red nail polish. She is the best glam rock goddesses of all time. I am so glad she overcame her addiction to cocaine and the prescribed tranquilizer klonopin. She is really clean right now.