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  • wow i dunno, i think it has a meaning

    ok yea serious this sounds dumb but when i first saw her on 'fries with that' she was like so cute and pretty and since she wasnt "media hot" but still had really cute looks almost 'the girl of my dreams', yea like i said it sounds dumb but it might be because i was really baked at the time. i hate seeing her here because half the reason i really liked her was because she was just herself and not some huge star, you know, but that other review that was like "go stefanie go!" man forget that you could be so much more in life (if you are anyway like the person from fries with that) i hate to see the "cute innocent girl" sent into the big tv world where the media can prostitute her. anyways wow im glad i got to speak my mind overall you are a talented person and i just hope you use that talent in the right way because your obviously not a dumb girl either, hopefully because of free speach this wont get taken off for making the tv media look like an evil empire (even though it is) :)-~

    lol if you even reads this and come to this site(i dont just came here by chance), hopefully it incouraged you in some way, and seeing your name beside paris hilton is a disgrace! if you dropped to that level i would get rid of my tv and probably live a better life, heh - you play the flute? cool im a musician also i have been a dj for over 2 years now..anyways just had to get that off my shoulders ;/ ez all and peace outmoreless
  • Whether it's a wacky "Fly Girl" or a wacky teen, Stefanie Buxton can act it OUT!

    Stefanie Buxton is a fav of mine. Talented, spunky, pretty, and cool, she could be the next ... Role model for kids everywhere!

    She's Canadian, but she got a (small) role on the movie Wicker Park, with Josh Hartnet and Matthew Lillard! Go Stefanie!

    Anyway, this girl should be in magazines. She's got the looks and the voice to be on that big red carpet, next to stars like Brad Pitt and Paris Hilton. Not convinced? Pop in a DVD of one of her mvoies, or go find FWT on the YTV channel, and you (should) soon agree.

    That's all for now, except ... Go Stefanie! Go!