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Stig is an American by birth, but moved to New Zealand. Most of his acting credits are for New Zealand productions, but Stig has occasionally worked in the States. He received his theatre training at California State University. Stig is based in the South Island of New Zealand.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Stig was narrator for two series of Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Samurai (2011) and Power Rangers: Megaforce (2013).

    • Stig had an action figure using his features sold based on his role of the villain "Shoulders" for the movie Dick Tracy.

    • Hercules and Xena Executive Producer Rob Tapert loved using Stig as a major guest star on his shows for a number of reasons. Firstly, he had the perfect appearance for the period the shows were set in, he was an excellent actor, and he spoke with a pure American accent, something many of the regular New Zealand actors weren't able to do.

    • As a member of the Covenant Players Repertory Theatre, Stig appeared in over 1,200 performances.

    • Stig has done a number of commercials in New Zealand, including one for Telecom Go Mobile and another for Burger King's BBQ Ranch Burger.

    • Stig's theatre credits include:
      Rush, 'Prospector', The Opera House
      (1999) Death of a Salesman, 'Uncle Ben', Auckland Theatre Company
      (1999) Little Shop of Horrors ,'Audrey Two', Regent/Fortune Theatres
      (1998) Twelve Angry Men, 'Juror #3', Auckland Theatre Company

    • Stig is 6'0" tall, with blond hair and blue eyes.

    • Stig sings in the bass register and plays the piano. He used some of those abilities when he performed live at the 2007 Christchurch Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park before a crowd of 100,000 at the eleventh annual event. Stig performed in the title role of Santa, taking four months to grow the perfect Santa beard. This was quite a commitment for the actor, since it meant he couldn't accept any roles that called for him to shave within that time frame. Money raised by the event was used to support the charity "Youthline" by providing mentoring and work services for "at risk" youths.

    • Stig has very long gray hair and a full beard, but his profile at the Auckland Actors website says that he is willing to shave the beard and get a haircut upon request by potential employers. And he did so when he went clean shaven in his role as the 'Army Commander' in Peter Jackson's blockbuster movie King Kong.

    • Stig is represented as a professional actor by the firm Auckland Actors. As a voice artist, he's represented by the Tisherman Gilbert Motley Drozdoski (TGMD) Talent Agency.

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