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  • I love her! But she has a fake laugh.

    I absolutely love this woman! I have seen alot of films with her, and in some she is perfection! But in The Six Degrees of Separation, she has the fakest laugh Ive ever heard in my life, but I suppose that \"works\" for an uptight rich person. In Grease she was perfection! For a short time I was calling people Sandra Dee! Also, I hate the Show Out of Practice is on like Hiatus, since I like show partly because of Stockard! This woman is completely talented! Her and maggie smith are the film godesses! I love you Betty Rizzo!! !! !!
  • Just Love Her

    What can I say she's one of the best. All through my growing up I saw her movies. She's just a GREAT ACTRESS, and probly a great person I have never had the oppertunity to meat her, but would love to. I hope to keep seeing her tv and in the movies. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK