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Coming from a band as intoxicating as the libation it was named after (1 part whiskey and a splash of orange juice and sour mix), Stone Sour is a Molotov cocktail of an album - 1 part pure rock adrenaline with a splash of melody. "We are melodic…more


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  • Trivia

    • Stone Sour have shot their new video for "Through Glass" in Frank Sinatra's former home on the Chatsworth, California hilltop.

    • The band completed a photo shoot with Chapman Baehler (Velvet Revolver, Audioslave).

    • The video for the song "30/30-150" was shot in Los Angeles with director Paul Brown (Motley Crue, Otep).

    • The band have this to say about the latest addition to the band - Roy Mayorga: Aside from being a cool guy, Roy did one hell of a job playing on the album and we're looking forward to going on the road with him in a few weeks, and seeing all of you as well.

    • Roy Mayorga (ex-Soulfly, Crisis, Sepultura, etc.) has now officially joined the band.

    • Stone Sour performed a free concert in Kansas City, MO on Thursday May 18th.

    • When Korn singer, Jonathan Davis was hospitalized with a rare blood disorder, his band performed a truncated set at the Download festival on June 10th. Roadrunner artists Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Matt Heafy of Trivium and Dez Fafara of DevilDriver each temporarily fronted the band to sing such hits as "Freak On a Leash," "Blind," and "Somebody Someone."

    • Corey: Everything came out sounding above and beyond the first record, and I loved that record. It's a bigger step away from Slipknot and more in the heart of why we do Stone Sour. Every song is different and yet each has continuity. These days everybody sounds like one-note wonders, and we're putting the diversity back in. There's nothing that says you can't have different songs and still be the same band, but most people are just too chickens - to do it. (on Stone Sour's second album)

    • Apparently, if it weren't for Corey Taylor's wife, Scarlett, there might never have been a second Stone Sour album.

      She didn't exactly encourage the Slipknot frontman to return to the studio with his side project but she just prevented him from doing himself in before the record was written.

      "I tried to jump off the balcony of the eighth floor of the Hyatt on Sunset [Boulevard] on November 14, 2003," Corey explained. "Somehow she stopped me. It wasn't the first time I tried to kill myself, either."

      Back then, Corey was a full-blown alcoholic. He drank from the moment he woke up to the second he blacked out, and while he says drinking didn't impair his ability to write, play and perform, it destroyed almost everything else in his life.

      "I would disappear for long periods with no regard for my own safety or anyone else's," he said. "I wouldn't even know where I was until the next morning. I didn't care about myself, my family, anything. I'd just remember being at a bar, and then all of a sudden - nothing."

      After Corey's near-suicide, his wife gave him an ultimatum: either he sober up and become a dedicated husband and father, or she was taking their two kids and leaving. It wasn't the first time she'd made such a threat - but this time he knew she meant it, and for the first time in his life he felt the urge to change.

      "I took a good, long look in the mirror and I hated what I saw," he said. "I was very bloated, I looked like crap. It wasn't me. And that was it. I haven't touched a drop since."

      Stone Sour's new album, "Come What(ever) May", which is due in August, is stocked with ruminations about Taylor's drinking days and confessions about his road to recovery. In "Socio," he sings, "Fear is in my heart/ Just when I stop, it starts/ And I can never live this way," and in the piano-washed "Zzyzx Rd," he softly croons, "I'm falling asleep and I can't see straight/ My muscles feel like a melee, body is curled in a U-shape."

      "The first year I was sober was probably the worst year of my life," Corey continued. "My immune system was screwed. I completely isolated myself. I was weak all the time. I didn't know who I was. Sometimes you define yourself by your vices, and I was known as the partyer. I was the guy that was always ready to go out and do shots. And all of a sudden, I had to figure out who I was without that, and it took me a long time. I pushed my wife away for a while and was a really selfish, cold dick."

      It was only after Corey stopped lamenting the loss of his former life that he realized being sober wasn't a creative limitation. Suddenly, he felt more alive, more motivated and far less cynical. "I came to the realization that I'm more interested in doing good than bad," he said. "I'm more interested in helping people. And that was a big step. Every day I just got stronger and, unfortunately, more honest. I just decided I was sick of pulling punches."

    • Stone Sour are going to take part in this year's Family Values tour.

    • Following their storming set on the main stage at the Download festival this year, STONE SOUR have unfortunately been forced to postpone their previously announced London show on July 5 due to a scheduling conflict. Lead singer Corey Taylor stated, "We had such an incredible time at Download this year and feel terrible about having to miss our London show. We look forward to seeing all of our U.K. fans and making it up to them this fall!".

    • The tracklist to the album "Come What(ever) May" is:

      1. 30/30-150
      2. Come What(ever) May
      3. Hell & Consequences
      4. sillyworld
      5. Made Of Scars
      6. Reborn
      7. Your God
      8. Through Glass
      9. Socio
      10. 1st Person
      11. Cardiff
      12. Zzyzx Rd

    • Corey: We've got enough material for 10 albums and a box-set. There's going to be loads of material and when the time comes we'll go in the studio, crank it out and go out on the road. The next album will probably be even more eclectic than the debut because there was so much stuff we could have recorded that we just didn't have time to. We recorded the album in about a month and then mixed in about two weeks so there was loads of stuff left over that really is going to blow a lot of people's minds.

    • Corey: (Slipknot and Stone Sour) are two different bands and if I cut myself off from one I can't do the other. So because i've been able to go out and do this (work with Stone Sour) i'm really looking forward to working with Slipknot again and I think everybody else is feeling that way as well.

    • Corey: This was something I always wanted to...even when I joined Slipknot I knew that Stone Sour wasn't over. We'd get together every so often when I wasn't on tour and we'd get together and jam and record some stuff, but it was nothing major at first. At the time I was really really into what was going on with Slipknot and towards the end of the Iowa tour cycle I was really getting burnt out on just wasn't fun anymore. The thought of doing it was really making me sick to my stomach and it's not a good place to be - I was like if I have to turn round and do another Slipknot album i'm going to lose my mind and kill myself!!!

    • Corey: There's so much more I can do in this band than with Slipknot. The thing with Slipknot is that although were very eclectic in the metal sense, we are still very stringent in metal. In Stone Sour we can do anything and get away with it.

    • Corey: It is pretty funny though the double shock element of it all though, it's pretty funny. Everyone keeps asking me if (Bother's) a good representation of Stone Sour and it's a piece of what it is. You can't pick any one song on the album and say the album is like this. That's what's the great thing about - it's really all over the place and it really kind of takes you on a ride.

    • Corey: (The single Bother's) such a departure from what I was doing with Slipknot that at first I was a little wary about putting it out, but then I was just like "F**k It". If i'm going to gauge what I play off of people's reactions then I don't deserve to be here, if I don't make music for myself then it's not a pure reason.

    • Corey: The things is if you're not into Stone Sour don't show up (at concerts). If you're a Slipknot fan and you're not into Stone Sour you're not going to break my heart because there's a lot of kids who are into Stone Sour and couldn't give two tosses about Slipknot. People are very opinionated and they like one, they like the other but there's a whole crowd in the middle who like both and it's awesome.

    • The song "Bother" was used in the soundtrack for the Spider-man movie.

    • The song "Idle Hands" just seems like an angry song. Corey is implying that he is invincible - that no one can hurt him. He has already been through everything in his life, been through the worst points and now nothing can harm him. Been there, done that, put up with everything. The Chorus is telling people who look at him to really look inside. Look under the stone cold flesh ("peel back the layers") and see what he really holds inside and see who he really is.

    • The song "Take A Number" is about being individual, so "don't be how 'the man' wants you to be. be a person. not another one". Basically, don't be a follower of the mainstream.

    • The song "Blotter" is about all the people who always say that they are better then everyone else. Corey is saying "give me your life", once again being sarcastic, saying that he wants to be just like them. And when they trade lives, he will give them all of the "nothingness" in his life.

    • "Orchids" is one of those songs that refers to people that Corey has known all his life. And now that he is famous, they all want to act like they are family. How people were ashamed of him before, "You hid me behind a curtain, You hold me inside your Iris." But now that he has his big break, they want to act like they were always there for him, always believed in him, and stood by his side the whole way. That's where the Chorus comes in, "DON'T - try to be the ONE - person Who has STAYED - just to say they never left me! Aggravated, complicated, someone say it God, I never learned". Basically telling those people to leave him alone. That he is getting aggravated and at the end saying, in a sarcastic manner, "God I'll never learn" Really saying that they will never learn not to judge people.

    • The song "Cold Reader" is about a relationship. Corey is saying that a girlfriend is killing him mentally. He says he can't fight he anymore, but he knows he'll always want her back, "Ill open up my soul..." The start of every verse, "stay away from who I am" and "stop.. i know your goddamn game." The game is her leaving him, then wanting him back when and only when she says so. And he has realized what she's doing and now he is standing up for himself, "NO! I WON'T! I CAN'T! NOT ANYMORE! ONE MORE TIME AND I THINK I'LL F****** DIE!"

    • The song "Get Inside" is about someone who told Corey that he understand him, which Corey knew was not true, so he says "get inside" in the song because he wanted the person to get near so he could try to kill him (that's why in the song he says "run m***********").

    • Before they reformed as Stone Sour, the band practiced and recorded under the name of Closure, Project X and then SuperEgo. One show was played as SuperEgo at House of Bricks in Des Moines, on December 7th 2001. An album was recorded with the following tracks:

      Click Here To Exit (2000)
      1. Omega
      2. Get Inside
      3. Kill Everybody
      4. Ending Beginning
      5. The Wicked
      6. Idle Hands
      7. Talk
      8. Road Hog
      9. Dead/Weight
      10. Bother
      11. All I Know
      12. Silent Type
      13. Death Dance of the Frog Fish

    • This year (2006), the band has taken the name Stone Sour, and have this line up:
      Corey Taylor - Vocals
      Josh Rand - Guitar
      Shawn Economaki - Bass
      Jim Root - Guitar
      Roy Mayorga - Drums

    • The band took the name Stone Sour Mk IX between 2002 and 2006, with this line up:
      Corey Taylor - Vocals
      Josh Rand - Guitar
      Shawn Economaki - Bass
      Jim Root - Guitar
      Joel Ekman - Drums

    • The band took the name SuperEgo, between 2001 and 2002, with this line up:
      Corey Taylor - Vocals
      Josh Rand - Guitar
      Shawn Economaki - Bass
      Jim Root - Guitar
      Joel Ekman - Drums

    • The band took the name Stone Sour MkIV in 1994, with this line up:
      Corey Taylor - Vocals
      Joel Ekman - Drums
      Shawn Economaki - Bass
      B.J. - Guitar
      Josh Rilying - Guitar

    • The band took the name Stone Sour MkVIII, in 1997, with this line up:
      Corey Taylor - Vocals
      Joel Ekman - Drums
      Shawn Economaki - Bass
      Jim Root - Guitar
      Bruce Swink - Guitar

    • The band started off as Freakshow, in 1992, with this line up:
      Corey Taylor - Vocals/guitar
      Joel Ekman - Drums
      Denny Harvey - Guitar/later bass

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