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Stuart Halusz

Stuart Halusz

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  • Nice actor

    Stuart are young, but very talanted Australian actor of Perth theatre and cinema and very handsome man. I like his work in Tv Series Thunderstone (Tao). His hero are digital man, warlord of Protectors. Personal charm of Mr. Halusz make Tao cool of cools in this TV show. I do not know other works of Stuart, but I think, they are very nice too. I want know biografical info about Stuart. And my dream - write for Mr. Halusz on e-mail but on the other contact site of Internet.

    Thank you for a Thunderstone and Tao, Stuart! Do you work in the cinema after Thunderstone? How many roles on the theatre from you? Do you make friendship with partners in Thunderstone: Mereoni Vuki, Jeffrey Walker, Elena Mandalis or Nina Landis?moreless