Stuart Whitman





2/1/1928 , San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name




Stuart Whitman is an American actor who was born on February 1st, 1928 in San Francisco, California. After he completed high school, Whitman served three years in the Army Corps of Engineers; when he resigned from the Army, he studied acting at the Los Angeles Academy of Dramatic Art and Los Angeles City College. His versatility and willingness to accept almost all roles offered to him produced a lengthy filmography. However, Stuart Whitman occupies an important place in American film history because his on-screen kiss with Dorothy Dandridge in 1958's "The Decks Ran Red" was the first interracial kiss ever filmed. He has demonstrated a willingness to play vile characters that are so repulsive that other actors refuse to even read for the part. The most famous example was the 1961 film "The Mark," in which Whitman played a child molester. His portrayal was so convincing and utterly disturbing that he received an Academy Award Nomination in the Best Actor Category. However, he did not win.