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    • SuChin (on Virginia Tech murderer Cho): The assumption is made that somehow Cho's place of birth ... has something to do with the massacre.

    • SuChin: It's tough being the new kid in school. As soon as you arrive, all eyes are on you, scrutinizing your look, your dress and your haircut. Everything you've ever been up to this point is irrelevant — the new crowd has already formed strong opinions based on this first impression. As the newest addition to the MTV News team, I know the feeling.

    • SuChin (on having Project Runway finalist Santino Rice design her 2006 MTV Movie Awards dress): I probably wouldn't commission him to make my wedding gown. But for something fun and over-the-top, I immediately thought of Santino. There were lots of initial conversations. He'd fax me drawings and I'd have him describe the texture and color. He's so gracious, I told him that he's spoiled me now because he's just such a pleasure to work with.