Sue Johnston

Sue Johnston


12/7/1943, Warrington, Cheshire, England

Birth Name

Susan Johnston


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Sue was born in Warrington in 1943. She worked as a tax inspector before attending the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. Sue is divorced, and has one son, Joel.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Sue received an Honorary Degree from John Moore's University in Liverpool.

    • Sue is also politically involved - in the past, she has campaigned for the British political party, Labour.

    • In her role on The Royle Family, Sue appeared with her on-screen husband from Brookside, Ricky Tomlinson.

    • If Sue were stranded on an island, her choice of books would be the Bible and the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

    • Sue received BAFTA nominations for playing the character Barbara in The Royle Family and for her portrayal of a woman with motor neurone disease in Goodbye Cruel World.

    • Until she was in her mid-30's, Sue acted in repertory theatre with odd working hours and unreliable pay.

    • Sue attended drama school despite her parent's contrary insistence - she's been strong-willed and confident since she was young.

    • Sue was brutally attacked when she was 27-years-old. She explained that filming one episode of Waking the Dead was a tough experience for her, as she had to confront her own past when her character, Grace Foley, was attacked.

    • Sue hates having to smoke when acting, although she did agree to smoke low-tar cigarettes when filming The Royale Family.

    • Sue is a fan of the Liverpool FC football team.

    • Sue smoked for over fifteen years from the age of sixteen but gave-up to protect her own and her baby's health during pregnancy in her mid-30s. Sue's father died of lung cancer, which still inspires Sue to say no to cigarettes.

    • Sue's choice of songs for Desert Island Discs included 'Fairytale of New York' by The Pogues, 'You'll Never Walk Alone' by Gerry and the Pacemakers and Wagner's classical piece, 'Tannhauser'.

    • Sue didn't start her career in acting - her very first job was in the Pilkington Glass factory's pensions deprtment. She took the job in order to join their amateur drama group.

    • Sue auditioned for Brookside as she needed a regular income to support her young son.

    • Sue first found fame whilst playing character Sheila Grant in Liverpuddlian soap Brookside.

  • Quotes

    • Sue: I still read those [psychology] books, I find it all very fascinating. I suppose we are all incredibly interested in what makes people abnormal; what makes them tick in an exaggerated form. It was explained to me that, in most cases, a dreadful childhood could affect the rest of someone's life.

  • waking the dead

    i'm a big fan of Sue Johnston in is a valuable and virtuous rolemodel to real people, who want to help resolve cold cases, uphold the relieve criminals of the doubt and guilt of unresolved illustrated in this evenings repeat and hand in hand with law and well better raise a glass to your
  • Sue Johnston worked as a tax inspector in liverpool before she became an actress. At 21, much to her parents disappointment, she went to drama school. The Douglas Webber Academy. She finally got offered a job in Brookside. And since then she's never beenmoreless

    What can I say about Sue Johnston? Everything she does is fabulous. From "the Royle Family", to "Waking the Dead", to "Sex, Chips and Rock and Roll" She had so much talent, and is so verstatile. She excels at any acting job she takes on. I can't express in words how much a fan I am of her.