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  • Partners in Crime

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    S 4 : Ep 1 - 4/5/08

    Location: London
    Date: 2009
    Enemies: Adipose, Miss Foster

    A woman named Donna Noble searches for an old friend - the Doctor. Can Donna and the Doctor halt the mysterious Ms. Foster and her mysterious plan?

    In Memory of Howard Attfield, 1947-2007

  • Gotcha

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 6 - 10/8/01

    It's one year since Steve and Susan's first date, and he is dreading questions about their future. And then a wedding invitation drops through their front door. Patrick meets an ex who appears to fail to recognize him.moreless
  • Back in the Red (2)

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    S 8 : Ep 2 - 2/25/99

    Part 2 begins with Rimmer putting his plan into action. Get Rimmer Officerhood, Power and Eminence (GROPE for short) is in full swing as he sucks up to Captain Hollister using the confidential files Lister gave him. However Rimmer will not help Lister and the others escape until he is promoted. Lister secretly takes some of the Luck Virus and escapes from the holding cell and heads to find his compadres. Kryten is classified as a woman as he has no apparent genitalia and is put in with Kochanski. This won't last long as the engineers are planning to restore him to his factory settings. One thing he cannot do is say no to a superior officer and this event ultimately happens. Lister finds Kochanski and the Cat (who is being held in the medical bay while they try to figure out exactly what he is) and the three find the no-personality Kryten. To avoid detection they dress up as the Dibbley family using mop heads as wigs and big, ugly false teeth. Upon seeing the three in their ridiculous get-up, Kryten's files are corrupted almost instantly and he reverts to his usual self. While all this is going on, Rimmer is invited to dinner with the captain and some of the officers. He makes the mistake of taking some of the Sexual Magnetism virus beforehand and is led off with the female officers to have wild animal sex. Obviously Rimmer is worn out from all this and takes some anesthetic to cool down his nether regions. During dinner Hollister mentions that the Dwarfers' Trial is already happening as they are in a VR suite and their escape is part of the trial. While Lister, Kochanski, Cat and Kryten begin their escape (in their heads of course), Rimmer runs to the VR suite to stop them mentioning anything about him.

    To Be Continued......moreless