Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray


1/1/1992, Orange County, California

Birth Name

Shrinky Dinx



Also Known As

Shrinky Dinx
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Sugar Ray is a mainstream band that was formed in 1992. Sugar Ray is known for their rock soft rock music. They have won numerous awards and have a few well known albums. Although they are most known between the years of 1992-2001 they still produce the same…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Stan and Mark went to high school together.

    • The first time Mark got arrested, he was on a old woman's roof calling her an old coot.

    • Mark is the band's only college grad; he majored in communications at USC.

    • Mark says he's a terrible boyfriend, and thinks it's okay if he cheats.

    • Mark admits he got into music for the beer and the chicks...but his music comes first over relationships.

    • Rod used to be an actor, telemarketer, made dentures, and played full-time in a raggae band.

    • Stan's first name is really Charles his middle name is Stanton.

    • Mark has never been in a faithful relationship, and it's something that he strives for.

    • When Mark was little, his dreams were to be a Musician or a basketball star.

    • Mark has 7 tattoos, which are a Rolex logo, Cadillac logo, Hands praying with rosary beads, the letter "M", A sparrow just under each shoulder, Shamrocks on his leg, and "Irish" written across his back.

    • "Danzig Needs A Hug" refers to the self-serious heavy metal icon.

    • In their album The Pursuit of Leisure All the songs were written by Sugar Ray, except for Is She Really Going Out With Him?, which was written by Joe Jackson.

    • The tracks on The Best of Sugar Ray are

      1. Shot Of Laughter
      2. Answer The Phone
      3. Fly
      4. Someday
      5. Under The Sun
      6. Every Morning
      7. Mean Machine
      8. Falls Apart
      9. Time After Time
      10. Rhyme Stealer
      11. When It's Over
      12. RPM
      13. Is She Really Going Out With Him?
      14. Psychedelic Bee
      15. Chasin' You Around

    • The tracks on In the Pursuit of Leisure are

      1. Chasin' You Around
      2. Is She Really Going Out With Him?
      3. Heaven (Featuring Esthero)
      4. Bring Me the Head of...
      5. Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy)
      6. Can't Start
      7. Photograph of You
      8. 56 Hope Road
      9. Whatever We Are
      10. She's Different
      11. I Think Ruth is a Great Mexican Cojones Hunter
      12. Blues from a Gun

    • The tracks on Sugar Ray are

      1. Answer the Phone
      2. When It's Over
      3. Under the Sun
      4. Satellites
      5. Waiting
      6. Ours
      7. Sorry Now
      8. Stay On
      9. Words to Me
      10. Just a Little
      11. Disasterpiece

    • The tracks on 14:59 are

      1. New Direction
      2. Every Morning
      3. Falls Apart
      4. Personal Space Invader
      5. Live & Direct
      6. Someday
      7. Aim for Me
      8. Ode To The Lonely Hearted
      9. Burning Dog
      10. Even Though
      11. Abracadabra
      12. Glory
      13. New Direction

    • The tracks on Floored are

      1. RPM
      2. Breathe
      3. Anyone
      4. Fly (Featuring Super Cat)
      5. Speed Home California
      6. High Anxiety
      7. Tap, Twist, Snap
      8. American Pig
      9. Stand And Deliver
      10. Cash
      11. Invisible
      12. Right Direction
      13. Fly

    • The tracks on Lemonade and Brownies are

      1. Snug Harbor
      2. Rhyme Stealer
      3. Iron Mic
      4. I Love Inaya Even Though She's a Yarn Addict
      5. The Greatest
      6. Big Black Woman
      7. Mean Machine
      8. Dance Party USA
      9. 10 Seconds Down
      10. Danzig Needs a Hug
      11. Drive By
      12. Caboose
      13. Scuzzboots
      14. Streaker

    • Their album Sugar Ray was #6 on the Billboard Top 200.

    • On the cover of Lemonade and Brownies is a picture of Nicole Eggert.

    • Their song Fly was #1 in the US.

    • Sugar Ray's self-titled album Sugar Ray went gold.

    • Sugar Ray's albums are

      Lemonade and Brownies (1995)
      Floored (1997)
      14:59 (1999)
      Sugar Ray (2001)
      In the pursuit of leisure (2003)
      the best of Sugar Ray (2005)

    • Leor Dimant is a former member of the band.

    • Sugar Ray was supposed to play Woodstock 99' but had to cancel due to illness.

    • Their single Someday went triple platinum in 1999.

    • Their album Flooded went double platinum.

    • Sugar Ray's label is Atlantic.

    • Sugar Ray was named after the boxer Sugar Ray Leonard.

    • Sugar Ray changed its name after Hasbro threatened to file a lawsuit, because they had a toy of the same name.

    • They were ranked #39 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.

  • Quotes

    • Mark: Out of all of us, Stan especially maintains that 70's ideology of fun and free love. He is Keith Moon. Stan tried to streak at 'Jurassic Park' right past some old lady who had just come out of the Coco's resteraunt.

    • Stan: I'd keep streaking at the movies, particularly for the summer movie sequel season, but I'm tired of getting arrested, I can't post the bail.

    • Mark:(on why they did a re-make of "Stand and Deliver" ) It's a song that means a lot to me from growing up, it evokes good memories. I don't know...I never thought it would make it to the record and be part of the finished product and now it's really cool.

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  • Nice music

    a 90's classic band who performed just about everywhere... I followed them when they were on MTV, good interaction with the cam!
  • Good stuff

    Sugar Ray is one of those bands that has been around the block a few times but still seems to keep your attention with great music. Like I said, they are definitly an older band, yes, meaning that some of the older folks might like them, but they are still really great. One of the things that i like the most about Sugar Ray songs are that they can be loud or soft. They dont have one style and every song is made to be different from the next and previous that they made. This is one of the reasons that they have lasted so long.moreless