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    • Jennifer: I'm from the South and Country Music has been a part of my life forever. And we are really lucky as Sugarland to have the fans that we do. Every kind of music has its own style of fan, but Country Music, I believe, is special.

    • Kristian: (About his partnership with Jennifer) It feels like a gift, and I'm just thankful for it every day. Who else can you sit across from in a rocking chair when you're 70 and say, 'Hey, remember playing the Grammys? Do you remember when Paul McCartney came up and said, "Hey, I really dig your sound-check"'?

    • Jennifer: We all come from singer/songwriter backgrounds. We share some similar influences, but as a whole, we have diverse musical backgrounds. When we come together we complement each other and create an interesting and unique sound.

    • Kristian: It feels like the work of a lifetime.

    • Jennifer: Sugarland's music tells a story that people can relate to on a really human day-to-day level. But they're fun stories. They're light stories. It's music that's not taking itself too seriously.