Suge Knight

Suge Knight


4/19/1965, Compton, California, USA

Birth Name

Marion Knight


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  • The guy who shot 'em all

    I remember when 2Pac got shot and was announced dead on Friday the 13th. And if someone came up to me and said "Who shot 2Pac?" I would always say this "The guy who was seated next to him Suge Knight" Yeah it's true 2Pac was gonna leave Death Row he now had knowledge that Suge Knight owed him more than 13 million dollars. And 2Pac's contarct was done and he wasn't offered a new one. Also he was gonna make his own company named "Makaveli Records" Suge Knight knew with 2Pac out of the way Biggie was gonna be the best rapper and as you know Bad Boy and Death Row had a heated rivarly in the past so Biggie would be the greatest rapper alive and would have sold more than Death Row. So Suge Knight got someone to get him out too. When it comes to competition Suge wanted to be on top. We all know Makaveli Records would have been the best records. And would have sold more records than Death Row.moreless