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Suleka Mathew

Suleka Mathew


Kerala, India

Birth Name

Suleka Mathew



Also Known As

Sue Mathew, Suleka Mathew, Suleka Mathews
  • The cast of Hawthorne.
  • Suleka Mathew s Bobbie Jackson on Hawtho...
  • Suleka Mathew s Bobbie Jackson on Hawtho...
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Born in India and raised in Vancouver, Canada since she was 2 years old, Suleka began acting at 10. She has studied acting with a number of coaches over past 15 years, and is working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree from the University of British Columbia.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • When she has time off from work, Suleka goes to dinner parties with her co-workers, does gardening, and walks her dog.

  • Quotes

    • Suleka: I was a really shy kid so finding a way to come out of yourself through characters and through performance was something that I gravitated to really early. It was just very clear from a very young age that it was something I wanted to do.

    • Suleka: (on being part of "Men in Trees") I was so happy to be auditioning for a comedy because a lot of the time in my past I've done procedural or more science fiction roles. I was really happy to have the chance to do something lighter and fun. It certainly has dramatic elements to it, which gives it a poignancy.

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