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Sumi Das was a co-host of the tech-gadget and consumer electronics review show Fresh Gear on the defunct TechTV cable channel. She worked as a television news producer before her role on the show.

After TechTV was purchased by Comcast and combined with the G4 channel, she…more


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    • For her work on the "Fresh Gear" show, she received two Northern California Emmy nominations.

    • She described "Fresh Gear," her former show. "It's very consumer-oriented. It's just like its slogan, 'New stuff, no hype,' and it basically rates the gadgets and we tell people who should buy it, how it works, cost, disadvantages and advantages."

    • She described her move to an on-camera role: "For me being on camera was a strange feeling. I was so comfortable that I was surprised. I just feel like I am talking to people. There is no nervousness or anything."

    • After a year as an associate producer at ZDTV, she decided to go on camera for one segment weekly. Eventually she became the co-host of "Fresh Gear, " a show that provided reviews of new consumer tech gadgets.

    • After working as a television producer for New Media news on KRON (an NBC affiliate) for three years, she joined ZDTV, a 24-hour cable TV network about technology, in 1998.

    • She minored in English at the University of California, Berkeley.

    • Her younger brother, Manash, studied film at USC.

    • Her parents live in San Jose, California (as of June 2000).

    • Her mother, Mukut, is a director at a child care facility.

    • Her father, Tarun Das, is an electrical engineer.

    • She lived in Wimbledon, England, until she was seven years old.

    • She was born in 1972 in Wimbledon, England.

    • She described visiting family members in India. "Whenever I go back, I feel instantly at home with my family, no matter how long the gap is. I am so comfortable. I really enjoy it there."

    • She once said about India, "What strikes me about India is the rural beauty, the hospitality, the poverty, the quick-changing technology, the chaos, the good and the bad....They strike me."

    • She married electrical engineer Tim Ryan in May 2000.

    • After hosting "Escencia," she traveled around the world for four months to give herself "time to think of what to do next." She chose broadcasting as it had the attraction of being "visual."

    • After graduating from Berkeley, she volunteered to host and produce "Esencia," a women's radio program run out of KSJS at San Jose State University.

    • Early in her career, she produced a series of public affairs programs for KBHK, UPN 44, where she also did segment work for "Rave Reviews."

    • Before joining TechTV, she was an associate producer for "New Media News" at KRON (San Francisco Bay Area channel 4).

    • Her favorite non-tech items are her photo albums.

    • Her favorite low-tech item is her Cuisinart.

    • Her favorite high-tech item is her DVD player.

    • She reported from Modesto, Calif., during the Scott Peterson trial on behalf of MSNBC.

    • Before joining CNN Newsource, she was a correspondent for the cable news channel MSNBC, where she was responsible for covering live breaking news.

    • She reported on the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in Biloxi, Miss., and New Orleans in September 2005 for CNN Newsource.

    • Sumi is a national correspondent for CNN Newsource based in Washington, D.C. She files feature stories and breaking news reports. She also provides custom live reports for approximately 800 CNN Newsource affiliates.

    • Appeared with fellow TechTV personalities Sarah Lane, Chi-Lan Lieu, Cat Schwartz, Laura Swisher and Morgan Webb for the "Strange New Element" music video for the band Low Water.

    • She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley.

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